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Can I say that last seen buddy sorry measured so good. I like it all the reasons. Is everybody dislikes. I you know because that's the thing we we cut into that a little bit about how Indiana John like a lot of a lot of the reasons they were going after a lot of the stuff they were going after it was because the Nazis Mike To Destroy Cultural things culture importance to other people <hes> an Indiana Jones is thing is he's trying to preserve it but like through our modern lands we know that he's like trying trying to preserve it by kind of stealing it himself will little bit and so like for for Indiana Jones to just like take this important thing in like just haven't we even has just that little bit of Avarice for Lake Important Horton Cultural Artifacts. We even even made that joke. I forgot what episode but we're like that belongs on the Museum and American Museum. Yeah I think been was the one that even yeah yeah yeah solid point to make <hes> maybe maybe it doesn't belong in a museum I also I also was playing Indiana Jones as a guy that like I I really feel like any Indiana Jones would not be able to stand the idea of someone not way. I'm yeah him if he liked them. Yeah Yeah Yeah not I mean like he finally Schneider doesn't like him you know but he otherwise I feel again. A Jones says like pathological need to be like that he he needs the final scene like the big conclusion seen. I think it was a little ambiguous there about whether or not you know she forgave Indiana Jones. I guess if I wanted to stretch it. She is a crystal skull now and she she she is in that kind of like that ether that that she has infinite knowledge now so she might like see the man her father really was. Oh my gosh yeah. That's a good point so that she sees the Indiana Jones was actually right innocent and that he actually did try and save her father still hate it though you did I made that I made the new fringe in seen you guys carrying off people like it. Lets people hate it. Young Awards skull the put on your shelf. Oh come on now. It was a little bit that there was a little bit that was so we kind of kind of joke to while we were recording about who we like wanted to play characters a little bit like I don't know where any we're any of of you actually like kind of trying to play off of. I I mean you know ban. I feel like you're probably trying to be Harrison Ford but you even mentioned at one point that you were kinda playing somebody else a little bit more. Well my voice the plate now though it was it was it was like some kind cowboy yeah mostly joke that Yeah Oh okay I would not be surprised of Harrison Ford like said. I was doing cowboy him up a little bit when I play him boy. That sounded like just a H- you thought you were talking about Harrison Ford himself. I'm probably making the same Madison's Harrison Ford is with sex shit so like I don't know maybe yeah you really does yeah on Wayne for that matter but like I mean Indiana Jones very much is that kind of pulp era cowboy figure though like an in almost all of them except for for sure <hes> <hes> the temple of doom. He's he's writing a horse. He's he's got his fedora cowboy hat man. He's got up and bull whip <hes> yes. He's got a revolver a Webley revolver <hes> he's pretty pretty much a cowboy as it is aw yeah I I remember listening to book on tape and Yeah of Yeah Star Wars Book Amarante Sola was in there in the guy that did on solo gave him like a real cowboy voice <hes>. I really liked that which. which hung I guess? That's aren't really know how that carries over to anyways. I I was pulling from Mark Proche Mark Mark Proche. <hes> is a very funny comedic actor. That's the guy who plays hey. I was with with CINCY. The Guy who plays a yes it's nate on the right was he's on <hes> on cinema anthem cinema which is like a thing Tim Heidegger does and he he does he does care to where he pretends to be an all-time movie actor. I was basically just doing that voice but a little bit higher awesome Nice Ace could choice he's also he's an. I think he's doing this. I WANNA watch those eight inch yeah. Bringing I mean Alex I mean rushing of Nazis. Residents just weren't a good guy dylan outside of like outside of lichens James Bond Movies Russians. I just don't really work as a nemesis yeah <hes> but yeah it's you know if you look at it from from what people love about Indiana Jones. They love the first one they love the third one now. A lot of people like the the second one and there's a clear correlation between Indiana Jones is punching Nazis. I think that using not he's is so smart in like every way but mostly because there's no way we can sympathize with Nazis. You know like sometimes if there's like people that other people are killing or that you're killing your characters killing or whatever it's like us. Should I be hurting. This person like what if this is just like an innocent person just doing their job and you cannot feel that way with Nazis yeah yeah like Russians were just like political adversaries of the U._S.. They weren't like yeah they weren't listening and I'm not just trying to like. I mean aw I think that's a that's. Maybe a sentiment that's that's sort of eroded a little bit in the last couple years and I really enjoyed <hes> you know Ginga Gin to take some potshots at Nazis for a little while like you WanNa make the right kind of friends in the right kind of enemies like in today like it just the in this climate you know like a coupon some Nazis because the people that are gonna like that are jerks. You don't want to be offensive. anyways yeah definitely like it's pretty relevant to even today's like political standings to be like all right. That's Fuxin Nazis up. You don't WanNa fuck up Nazis. I know I specifically got to say a one episode that Nazis like things that suck and I was like suck. It's so good. It's the credit yeah. If you break Nazis arms they got like less arms to do not see stuff with <hes> I so this might be another thing that gets me crucified but I kinda like Kate Blanche's planets character and the original movie. Oh Yeah I mean she was <hes> he was fine. There were some missteps I kind of like that. You kept some of her D._N._A.. In Esperanza they had some like well they so so her character in the movie definitely wants like she thinks that the the skull will give her like infinite knowledge Oh yeah to that and so so kind of in that sense Kinda Kinda got there but I like the Esperance's motivations were more complicated than that <hes> Oh yes she was definitely a she was a big little they bag <hes>. She's a big old pot of loading motion. She was a sack of acting huge just a an old bag. <hes> I Alex I question I have for you is like so when you when you started to go about this when you're like okay hey a minute. I'm GonNa take this thing this movie that exists and we're GONNA we're going to kind of you know. Redo it. <hes> some different pieces when you went into it like how much how much were you thinking to keep in like. How much do you think throw out and did you take anything honestly editing at all from the original over than the crystal skulls themselves being there when we when we assigned Indiana Jones for to me I was going to scrap the entire thing I was going to? I was actually playing around with the idea of going back in just doing the plot to Indiana Jones in the fate of Atlantis 'cause that's my wife's like favorite video game and <hes> it's a pretty good story at it's a it's a pretty cool little point and click adventure game <hes> <hes> yeah. I'm not familiar with it really cool. Oh Yeah Oh man Mona you'd love it. It's from the Golden Age of Lucas Arts Adventure Games like from full-throttle era and stuff but but been challenged me to at least is to keep the title and the overall more or less overall plot. I I guess just that just at the the crystal skulls had to be Germane to the <unk> yeah and so I started looking at what what the crystal skulls actually were <hes> and basically they're just they're just bullshit. They're they're just a a fake thing that the people made with modern tools and then sold them because they just sold them to European clarify hoax they're they're big and that's not like their superstitious. They are in fact completely found. They are completely phony there. They said they were made back. Thousands and thousands of years ago by primitive tools but they weren't they were made with with modern at the time eighteen hundreds of rotary to then you really couldn't tell the difference with our technology that time right but yeah I lost my train of thought the title in the skulls and I I was my biggest problem with the crystal skulls as a facet because things like the arc of the covenant the <hes> the stones from Temple of doom the the holy grail those are artifacts that we don't have those are artifacts that have this mythos around them that everyone thinks is like they could be they could be true and we'd be out there have them so we can't know that they don't have these powers right but we have the skull so I had to like. Try to make up something around the skulls to make them like that right and right. I mostly just went through it with like all just I'll figure out what they actually do later but everything they thought happened at that point in time. I'll just make true okay yeah and I didn't. I didn't WanNa do aliens and I I had the whole cake about <hes> you know Andy versus Nazis being better than Indie versus German so I've or yet indie versus Russians so I said it during World War Two because it was just the next logical step in the progression of things. I've just have it be there and.

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