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W. social media channels yeah that's kind of interesting that thing they're trying to do there I'll be interested to see how well it works but I guess that show was popular enough among some people that they'll really be into that I know it always seems to come up when we're doing Pfenex programming panels people submit that they want to Chuck panel Florida yeah I think which was only two seasons I think was not so yeah I didn't last long known him Amy Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer had to change their eleven month old son gene's name and there's a pretty interesting reason why it's funny so Amy and I'll need to think of these things for you name your kid Amy announced the news on her new podcast Amy Schumer presents three girls one Keith where she spoke with her longtime friend Claudia o'doherty on the podcast said Amy said so do you guys know that gene our baby's name is officially changed its now Jean David Fisher it used to be so should they change the middle name and I guess they need the middle name they must've named after Dave Attell will become good friends got yeah they're good friends so the baby's name was Jean act tell Fisher but then we realized by accident somebody gonna Claudia her friend said my mom pointed out to me that your baby's middle name makes his name G. little Fisher genital Fisher Gina tell she said we just didn't we didn't realize what they really he's not even a year old yet and I'm glad they realize this before he gets to school and kids have available day with that it'll be a it'll be a fun story for himself someday too you know what my middle name used to be that's fine but you know I would handle it I'm being told that Chuck was five seasons ninety one episodes all have you know folks sorry an aftershock with initial four before point two magnitude rattled nerves along the Wasatch front last night just a short of a month after a five point seven magnitude earthquake caused millions in damage at Tuesday night's earthquake was centered for kilometers northeast of magnet the same area impacted by the initial quake of March eighteenth hundreds of aftershocks have followed this four point two magnitude aftershock was the strongest in more than a week a seismologist at the university of Utah say well get used to it we could experience more of these after shocks can't take anymore well you may have to I am fed up to here a man believed to of I'm a man believed to be high on meth is accused of beating a man to death in his apartment over the weekend in Salt Lake in what police are calling an extremely brutal killing William Dennis Bradley of Salt Lake arrested for investigation of murder vehicle theft assault on a police officer sold only health care provider assault on a prisoner two counts of assault the investigation began one PM Friday when Salt Lake police notified were notified that a golf cart used by maintenance workers was stolen from the Jefferson school apartments on west temple police from Mister Bradley driving the golf cart down main street when stop Mister Bradley they discovered he was covered in blood in talking with Bradley he said he'd been in a fight with the terminator and had killed the terminator all due to the amount of blood on Bradley offers went to his apartment to investigate and during that check they encountered a deceased person in the bedroom the body was identified as Robert Carter who is believed to be homeless Bradley killed him in an extremely violent and brutal manner police said Bradley was taken to a local hospital where he became combative and assaulted the emergency room doctor he assaulted two security guards and a police officer he was X. acting in an extremely bizarre fashion they said you know it's likely that this was methamphetamine so this is good news we're probably gonna change the driver's license procedures renewal procedures you if you have to go renew your driver's license you've had to do it in person in the past hello well they're going to try and figure out a way to do it so that you don't have to go in that you can deal with a sticker on one something of their coming up to their roofs streamlining procedures so that you don't have to go in but right now you still do I believe the a pandemic is up by the hit Russia and it's brought up a very bad problem in Russia yes put people are are dying of corona virus but also people are turning to their old this old problem that they've had for decades in Russia heavy vodka drinking there across the world the corona virus pandemic a spark fears of increased alcohol abuse but it's really happening in Russia despite the country's passion for any brilliance it's that's been one of the main public health problems in Russia for decades is is you know people are suffering from acute alcoholism and now it's they kind of had got McCann stamp stamp it down a little bit now it's coming back in force Donald Trump his claims of complete authority over everything has been rejected along every idea ideological lines and so he's reversed himself he's no longer saying that he has the power to tell all of the governors what to do he's saying this the governors are responsible they have to take charge the governors will have to be very very respectful of the presidency but they but they will be taking charge residents and you're not okay that's weather traffic well it's wet right now okay your windows it wet huh yeah with us no actually up on the I. eighty in parleys canyon but no slower Jr accidents associated with that because you essential workers know how to drive it's the rest of us that have trouble commuting and whatnot there's no accidents as what I'm saying but if you see something you want to share you can always send it to us at three three nine eight six now more than ever we need find ways to stay entertained at home have two games has hundreds of great board games hoster game sixty eight thirty one south state and has two games dot com call ahead for curbside service here's boomer candidate number three don't you know who I am a federal judge in Florida shot down an emergency request from former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and fellow bay beach front property owners to be exempted from a public health order the cut off beach access during the pandemic Huckabee who of course is the father of president trump's former White House spokeswoman who will burn in hell Sarah Huckabee Sanders argued that a county ordinance blocking him from access to the Gulf of Mexico she front behind his estimated three point three million dollar home was a violation of his constitutional rights U. S. district judge Roger Vinson on Monday denied the request from Huckabee and more than a dozen other wealthy plaintiffs for an injunction against Walton county Florida Florida governor Rhonda Santos put up put in place a thirty day stay at home order for the state but did not close beaches the next day Walton county said to the to the to their residence well the mayor is full of it we're closing our beaches and they're a lot of letters full of it yeah and Walton county there are a lot I've been been then that area there are a lot of beaches there is lots of beach the county said that measure was designed to address a recent uptick in the number of crowds gathering on beaches how could be another beachfront property owners sued several days later the alleged county had unconstitutionally deprive them of their property without compensation and violated their but upon due process rights but the the judge has said no nope nope nope nope floor of the county can do that they can control it because the health department has supremacy in this instance Boehner candidate number three don't you know who I am you know who I well it's a used pair lease the mayor in John's island served review the first two and vote for a candidate number one I have my cal graduation diploma right here are you talking rational candidate claiming he earned a college degree really completed a certificate program about milking Catholics I guess voter candidate number two I said courtesy flush a Florida man attacking his cellmate who asked him for a courtesy flush because he was going to the place up and Boehner candidate number three don't you know who I am okay let's get to it I'm gonna give you all of the contact information this is for Boehner voting but as soon as we award the **** that's when you can start lining up to ask our doctor cobble a question if you have any questions about Sir coronavirus and venturing outside getting tested things like that he can answer all those questions so start lining up your questions after we award round one your bonus right now we need you to vote for round one of your **** here we go one two or three remember your candidate number the one that you think should win but that number that single digit in the message of the text and then text that two three three nine eight six or you can call the producer's booth eight seven seven six oh two nine six nine six use your voice to vote or go online it's ninety six dot com look for the boxes says Boehner voting April fifteen twenty twenty and vote there right if you don't see that box refresh it should appear remember this is not the owner of the day this is just round one round two coming up at eight twenty with three more three different candidates will get the winner of round two put it up against the winner of this round at nine twenty is when the owner of the day's decided by you with Boehner fight this is round one you have until the end of these messages to votes let's go no it's not easy for one hour right at the radio from hell big brothers big sisters the way world going about doing things these days has changed but one thing that has his Los.

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