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Right onward David Von Sunder than the Black Knight of the Pacific the growth in guess where Pacific Grove Two hundred fifty bucks I realize it has been way too long since I supported the greatest podcasts Johnnie nervous so I thought I better step up thanks for all the work you do supporting the mental health of the nights and the many producers out there we depend Okarma regular youth got Karma a wooded Gaz neck I think I can't pronounce his last name I'd have to look it up on one of those pronunciation thinks it's Z. I. E. L. E. N. E. C. Zeleny areas in New York he's in New York two hundred two three four five six one of my favorite donations and he says no jingles no comment jingles Carmen thank you thank you not last but almost last is two September Minneapolis meet up which sent in a two hundred and four dollars accumulated headed by way of show organizers want to do this I think it's fine and he sent a check and he's got a bunch of only Joel Nelson is about fifty bucks so Joel gets a call out and everybody else is just a click cumulation of small donations he says get Friday the twenty five people showed up about every other where where was this were these Minneapolis Oh fantastic saying he says Saturday evening meet ups in a brew Pub minneap North Northeast Minneapolis to be specific. Okay Well oh cool so there you go and he came they came in with two hundred four dollars in Austin Wilson in Sammamish came in with to hunt nder and writes in this donation brings me the title of Baron after recently downtown sorry I said Nice I said Nice aw after recently moving into downtown Seattle from the ritzy little suburbs of Semaj I will be changing my title from Sir Austen of the snowy cascade Baron Austin of the puget sound puget I'm requesting these jingles don't eat me Hillary Clinton you might die and it's true thanks for keeping up the great deconstruction the M Five Am Dame Laura of the snowy cascades and I love discussing your show Oh my gosh you've got Karma I should reread the essence misrouted Dame Laura of Cou- snowy cascades and I we love discussing you got it together the two of them I'll let you just like talking about the show for no reason to conclude our list of associate executive producers executive producer this show Levin Seventy eight seventy nine actually today seventy nine eleven seven hundred seventy nine one thousand one hundred seventy nine do we ever delay am I coming through delayed for you or is it sounds like it's like we have delayed no when I say something sometimes they had one hundred eleven dollars which will be listed later but having another meet up on the twenty fifth so I don't know if that's on the list -secutive associate executive producers these are real credits as you will probably know by now not everybody does it can be used anywhere that credits are recognized and these credits usually are and people are in oppressed by any executive producer of anything they're not GONNA no one's GonNa go and listen to the show believe me they don't even they even people in media don't give a shit about what they're doing but it's impressive and you should use it to your advantage and we thank you above all for your courage and participation in this grand experiment we call the no agenda show with our value for `value network more in in our second donation segment you've course can always help us out for the Thursday show all you have to go to our website conveniently jingled back dot org slash and a now you know all about Pam's I guess go propagating is this we go up people in the mouth.

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