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Eleven twenty two minutes or horses are getting big smiles at area hospitals I'm John McDevitt that's coming up traffic and weather on the two ND thank you so much get and we are still seeing some delays in a lot of construction to go along with that ninety five southbound flocks county looks like between four thirteen wood haven still have the two left lanes taken out they're gonna stay squeezed out overnight we're seeing light to moderate travel moving through the project it looks like for the most part doing right around the limit so we'll definitely take that for now Peter by both directions just east of Bensalem left lane is taken out overnight also leveling construction on the westbound just as you work your way past mid county if you're gonna be in that mid county toll area northeast extension both directions has right lane closures until about five AM Kelly drive shut down between sensually in fountain green keeping it close to four AM for overnight construction work on this project coming up a little later this evening unfortunately can't give an exact time on it but after the Phillies game and after all the crowds work their way on through the school west bell will shut down at thirty of for overnight road work we will keep you posted when they're getting ready to toss that one in city Avenue south bound between presidential Boulevard and monument that has overnight construction of finding delays on the Boulevard northbound between Wissahickon abroad right wing construction also right wing taken out cellphone too broad and fox lower Moreland Byberry road between pine and Davisville road you've got flagging cruise in overnight in New Jersey two ninety five both directions between thirty eight Rancocas road right wing construction also Commodore Barry bridge coming into PA you're gonna find some lane restrictions due to overnight electrical work next update less than ten minutes in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center Canadian the eyewitness forecast tonight an evening shower or thunderstorm in spots and partly cloudy and humid low sixty nine tomorrow foggy then partly.

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