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Is in rehab according to TMZ reported Wednesday night, that there was an intervention staged by his, ex wife Jennifer garner she went to his house has. Mentioned I'm sure in Pacific Palisades on. Wednesday afternoon sat down with him and. Begged him to get help TMZ says, he didn't need much convincing he just split up. With his girlfriend the Saturday live. Producer Lindsay shook us and apparently he's all shook us up about that. So he was hitting the bottle TMZ says there were some pictures, of alcohol being delivered to, his house I guess if you're. Gonna to, have to go to a bar he just eight hundred booze and it comes right to you. So anyway Jennifer garner very fine actress and apparently very nice woman who. Still. Cares about. Her ex husband she is? Intervene and taken him to rehab speaking of actors in booze yes great segue who, is, the number one highest Paid actor in. Hollywood according, to Forbes speaking of actors and booze so is it at boozy actor no well what's the. Boost got to do with this also see I'm glad you asked journal? Is. This somebody. Was in like those hangover movies First of all you know who the actor is Paid? Actor I would say. Is. It a, younger. Person it's an older person, yeah. Denzel Washington George Clooney George Clooney boozer no no but he he owned a tequila company house amigos which they sold. For a billion dollars that goes into his take so he's the highest paid actor with an asterisk has. To do with the sale of his tequila company so he earned in two thousand eighteen two. Hundred, and thirty nine million dollars in. One year yeah that's a lot of tequila go. Well guess who the number two actor, is not can, you guess you're not? Gonna get but we'll we'll why, do you, think I guess it John. John Wayne, not a it's not your traditional actor it's oh is it a personality? Of, some. Sort of a, way in the rock oh, Dwayne the rock Johnson I. Believe because his movies enormous numbers at the boxes free tax. Take was a hundred and twenty. Four million dollars so we had a, good year now if you go down the list number, three? Is Robert. Downey junior eighty, one million ironman right any women Where the women well this is just actors I? Guess, they, have a separate, list for women Chris Hemsworth, is four in the marvel. He made sixty five million a number five shocked me Jackie. Chan Jackie Chan he's still China's. Top movie star made forty five million, at number six was the only returning to the list, was? Will Smith Oh. Well he makes a. Ton of money yeah you. Made forty two no Harrison Ford though no tops six year. Daniel. Craig, Daniel Craig I think. He must be raking with the bond movies but I, don't know if you. Get, the kind of. Bang for your buck that you. Get from these others. Superhero movies Charlie Chaplin on that list I'll have to look I'll. Get back to you he actually was. The, richest actor in the. World Charlie Chaplin yeah well he created United Artists. Not only did he not only was. He an actor you own the studio well that's pretty cool that's gonna make you pretty rich Steven Tyler from Aerosmith he is demanding that Trump's stop playing Aerosmith songs at Trump rally this is the song.

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