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Things. As far as the original original helena sell like like for instance i know he's. He said he's afraid of heights. We still went up there anyway like for you do that. That's took took balls. Look i think he went into that. Fully knowing look dude. This is gonna hurt but it's going to leave me a big <hes> a big impact and then not to mention so here's the other thing and i've said it before if we ever get to if we ever get get to <hes> interview noel foley a have to ask like what was that like for you watching to watch that in like what are your thoughts on it now now that you're older like <hes> i would love to hear stuff like that. I wanna hear about some of his time e._c. W and like all the the whole canedo he thing right allie the air by his talents the commissioner so he's having fun i wanna know was thoughts on his most recent run. It was good linear. There's plenty of things that i could ask them and so oh i'm i'm really looking forward to that one and hoping that <hes> you know it lines up that we can get some footage with him as well. <hes> all star cast star cast got quite a few cool panels <hes> like i said we've got access to all of them. <hes> i personally won't be able to get into friday morning so i won't be there for <hes> undeniable desirable arable <hes> with cody rhodes. That's the one that i'm really bummed about because cody somebody. I'd love to get on the show just like i said to me. He's been one of the most interesting interesting stories ever since he left w._w._e. And i mean the the guy's been hot and now you've got a w. and all this so. I feel like you're going to get some really cool stuff out of that that one but think about this you might you might get interview brandy. Where women are eight of you or brubaker say that again baker or brandy right but i mean wait a minute make that route baker or branded with the women women right so you might give anyway they wanted to do. Oh sure i definitely want to get an interview with them too..

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