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Estimated to just flooded into minutes, all demanding President Alexander Lukashenko stepped down and that new elections beheld. It was the biggest political protests in the country's history. Euphoria on the streets here late into the night, people really seem to feel that they're close to toppling a leader who's been in power for 26 years. Protests have been going on for days. Last week, a peaceful protest was met with a brutal police crackdown. Thousands of demonstrators were detained. Many say they were beaten. And the story in New Mexico under sheriff is accused of ordering his subordinates to draw their guns on other officers who arrested his boss in May. Here's the story, prosecutors say. Riel Arriba County Undersheriff Martin Trujillo ordered his deputies to a police station where other officers were gathered to execute a warrant on Sheriff James Luan to Elo directed his officers to draw their weapons on the tiles in Espanol officers. He surrendered to New Mexico State police and was booked into the Los Alamos County jail and was released later the same day. His lawyer says Trujillo is innocent and is being used as a pawn in political MCA Nations. Bill Rake off CBS News 10 31 7.9 82 available everywhere with the I Heart radio app. Round number one for podcasting and on hundreds of devices like Alexa, Google Home Xbox and BZ, Boston's NewsRadio and Heart Radio station. Hi It's margin. Steven Cates, co owners of national number. We have several kitchen views at national number when someone comes in. It's an immediate collaboration with design. It's a relationship that they built together. They stay up with the trends is not one style of one color. That works for everyone Cabinets could be is for anywhere in the house. Bring it into the dining room family where they want to design something that's up today. 10 years from now, That's right. We make the process fun, uncomfortable. A new kitchen could make a dream come true. The kitchen is the pub of the house..

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