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Yes, mclovin I think in the last couple of years, I don't know the name of the company. They have. At a more concussion safe helmet radiant resisted it properly. Last season I'm kind of putting together is apparently also the face is a little different to you have to get different used to a different view, but they made a huge deal of it on that local telecasts. Yeah, I've coming back to it. Brady's old helmet. I'm not going to get the brand was outlawed because it before poorly and testing. So he had no choice that she was a new one. Okay. But they were saying something about grandfathered in was ask hausky they said, was grandfathered into the old, the old helmet, okay. He's a kicker though, who actually got her. I know he got hurt on a tackle on the kickoff. Yeah. So there was something about grandfathering. We'll take out. Make sure what the rule is. Yeah, unless Brady was grandfathered in with the old helmet, but they were talking about this, you know, pre game. And during the game Yambol Brady told the media that he was uncomfortable, the face mask of the new helmet, but he's trying it out. It looked pretty good, like the sight lines of it. 'cause different? Yeah, it looked pretty good. James white looked pretty good. I mean, it's sort of Saint patriots. HOGAN with a couple of catches, you know, just that somehow make it work. Amick Levin all of a sudden Cordeiro Patterson who the entire looks like Randy moss. They said he had like a seventy yard touchdown where he's starts, touch the sideline. They took it back. What if that guy was good, that would be so patriots. We've got a lot of talent. I remember him as a return guy with the Vikings, but he's never put it together. I, if you can't put it together with Brady, then you can't put it together. But a lot of football last night. Got a stat of the day. Well, it's going to be on the Mets. Mets. Pretty amazing when you score thirty runs in a day, but you only have one win. That's mezziane, but we'll we'll have a stat of the day, but Joe, Thomas former Browns all pro tackle who is going to turn into be one of the great analyst Brooks kept will join us PGA champion, Matt carpenter, the cardinals infielder in MVP candidate. So we got a busy show in this meet Friday. Your phone calls are always welcome. Mclovin will provide a. Poll question coming up. Is that right? Yeah, I have a great poll question off the guest list for today. Okay..

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