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You're listening to members supported kqed public radio eighty eight point five fm in san francisco and eighty nine point three fm and sacramento now six thirty one from kqed news i'm brian watt a national expert on the lethal use of force says newly released video of san francisco police officers firing at a homicide suspect shows an appropriate response a warning this report from kqed sara hussain he contains gunshot sounds from the scene in the body camera footage officers are debating whether to approach an rv where suspect joe armstrong is refusing to come out two shots ring out from the rv say police and they respond with sixty five rounds over ten seconds noone is hit in armstrong is apprehended two hours later uc berkeley franklin zimring author of when police kill says that shows good judgement the schoffstall without injury and it was followed evidently white two hours of deadly force restraint the district attorney's office department of police accountability nsf pd internal affairs are investigating the incident i'm saracini kqed news california is one of many areas to receive federal money earmarked for students affected by natural disasters the education department says it will use two point seven billion dollars from the new federal budget to help k through twelve schools school districts in institutions of higher learning hit by last year's wildfires in hurricanes that includes california alabama florida georgia at louisiana puerto rico south carolina texas in the.

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