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How i got into this with that that one detective said well ride angler he's crazy he was a homicide detective in moldova county sheriff he he works for people like you and the he's worked with the top people at times so why don't you help ride well long story short i said well i might call him but i didn't wanna calling well vic called him and in ten fifteen minutes rods on the phone saying i elina i hear that you're a psychic and that that uh would you like to come and do some work with me and i thought oh my god and i kept fighting in in bulk balking at it and then all of a sudden he said to me elena i can teach you i will teach you how to do this because i said right but i do not want to be telling people you guys something wrong and wasting precious time see i already knew intuitively you know and not to do that and he said i will teach you how to use your abilities and then i he he's he added the punch to it and he said listen i've got young girls bodies dumped on the side of the road all over here and i have to catch this sob he was convinced that was one person yeah yeah yeah so we have to we have to um we have to get them and we have to get them fast and he the broken the his voice is what i here in a lot of the investigators i work with the is that the because they want to protect people they want to protect us and so the next thing i know i'm on a plane and he and i there's there's a chapter in the book and it's called the gia the psychic end the detective and that is the story of the exactly how i became a psychic detective this person you know what i don't know if they caught it a lot of times i am not into that all laid you know in fact i will try to find out okay because um he's back now and i have to call him anyway and ask him for my book review i will remind him the.

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