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Stephen thinks that could explain why individuals feel asked them are in the first place their minds may be more open to those unusual brain tinkle's the scientists also found people who experience asked him are are prone to neuroticism and more likely to have anxiety or depression there are a lot more ups and downs for people with laos us omar and they have to find some way to deal with it and that might be why are so many people use a s mars away to relax because they're trying to find some way to cope with the ups and downs of their experiencing meanwhile could someone like me someone who hasn't experienced nami response ever have this feeling i gave it one last shot and got my boyfriend to play me one of his favourite videos i put headphones on i close my eyes the guy has a bar of soap with some plastic packaging out of and he's moving it in front of around a special microphones i don't think this can do anything to me yup nothing for the pulse i'm molly segal a new so the research on a as a maher and why some people enjoy these videos is still very new but there is a lot of science on fear and why people sometimes enjoy the feeling of being scared it can give people a natural high of sorts the chemicals that are released during a fighter flight when are sympathetic nervous system is activated uh they're the same that are released when were excited or surprised are happy let's margie kerr a sociologist who studies fear and she says our enjoyment of this emotion has a lot to do with context it's all about how we interpret the rush of endorphins you can even see it when uh is watching a scary movie you're going through one hundred house they scream i'll but then within milliseconds they're smiling and laughing in its you can see how they've um you know kind of remembered i i'm going to safe place i'm not really endanger i and all of that energy all of that excitement that went into the scream is now going into the laughing but sometimes funds scary turns into actually scary as in legitimately terrified so i ask people on facebook what movie put you over the edge.

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