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I went on look good but but you looked great i look as we drinks electricity hydrated live even skinny we did drink a lot oh god i remember pouring likes serious jacking coke's oh yeah this trailer a cellphone uefa let's it's i wish this podcast could be more than one hour it's been we can we can go on his ribs reserved uh that's a good call it's a great call i mean i had a hell of a game but it we've already been like an hour and a half cells you one more to do what would you why not because it can it it it yeah but the studio time all of their like all falling asleep ran a bit like this is funny work like half bottle them my podcasts producers like actually at really like to go to what's his name heather heather get a glass of wine hundred catch lying okay necessarily crazy anyways well nacho gather up a notch on heather it's your lucky day we are done we will do apart too because i could go up part three parfour maybe part five i love it and it's if everybody out there if you guys don't wanna miss an episode of off the vine go to podcasts onecom most importantly download the podcasts one app or subscribe on apple podcast um and we are your favorite alberta canadian bachelorettes and we will see you next tuesday is that the only had.

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