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Of the stroker virtues our manager you made a mess all over yourself the new guy all right do lots of prayers for the holiday weekend a man to grab a live alone it's always good to talk to you thanks ninety two I just which you know that I'm nervous I'm not a smart man but seven two seven five seven nine one a two five eight hundred seven seven one one eighty five you like that I just I die I just finally got it I got why you dumped I wish I could of yeah funny all right so let's take a moment Dan and I to do it on Twitter yesterday goes Hey dude do you do this on purpose every day you tease a story of any don't deliver it I go the opposite sometimes I sit up at night going all my god I forgot to deliver a tease so I said you know I feel like I got everything yesterday he said oh no you did not Mister Grabow you tease the greatest grocery store scam in the world that we've all tried to pull off or thought about pulling off but we never did and you never delivered on it and I said well I will right after this commercial break check out the bone online dot com and you'll see all Fran Hodges events she's got some great ones the signature of that you'll find tonight at Quaker steak and lube it is Fran harsh bike night at Quaker steak and lube always a great time get started at six goes all the way till ten you've got live music you have delicious food and the loop has some of the best wings you will ever have Fran of the Fantasticks always hang out and they will have giveaways for you and Todd little charge keys and.

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