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Of good news what first daughters it says super bowl sunday are the biggest day in all of sports the biggest day in all of gambling and now the biggest day if you are a food enthusiasts that all happens today so i'll tell you a little bit more about mind super bowl plans um a little bit later but i will tell you next hour those of you that are interested in who to take in the super bowl who to bet on you wanna show up to a local super bowl party and sound like you know you talk argun and up next hour i'm gonna be joined by the world's most famous sports caster a man who knows sports better than anybody a man whose voice is um to me is the soundtrack of what sport should be the man who coined the phrase let's go to the video tape the one and only wolf i am very very very excited to talk with my old friend warner wolf uh one and i work together at the w abc when i was a producing the kurdistan kuby morning show and uh he was a real integral part of that show and i am very very excited truck with him and now get his take on the super bowl when uh you know boohbooh see we think's gonna win who thinks is going to cover the spread i don't even know what the point spread is going to have to ask wonder about that and then speaking of kurdish and kuby coming up in the 6 o'clock hour i am going to be joined by one half of the namesake of that talkshow ron kuby out ron be whose mommy is a commie he will join me in the 6 o'clock hour i believe and i stand to be corrected the vis will be ron's debut has returned to radio since leaving or being fired we'll get the exact of circumstance of what happened from wabc last year ron has been on a new york trunk radio for the better part of since ninety ninety six with the or with only a couple of years missing he's been a staple of the new york talk radio market he's been great i i know a lot of you i could see by the comments on my facebook page uh when i was promoting ron's appearance a lot of you can't stand ron a lot.

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