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Are pleading with Americans to remain vigilant. This July 4th holiday weekend as several states report record increases in the number of new Corona virus cases, especially in the South and the West. This is the total number of cases in the US now tops 2.8 million. NPR's Amy held has more In Florida, where daily infections topped of record 11,400. The governor is leaving closures upto local leaders. The beaches are shut in Fort Lauderdale. But Mayor Dean Trantalis says restaurants are following safety measures and remain open. It would have been overreaching to close those businesses. You know where tourist destination. We want to make people feel comfortable when they come to our city in Texas. More than 7600 Corona virus patients are hospitalized with hospitals in stock. And Hidalgo counties at full capacity. Judges there are urging residents to shelter in place. And in Georgia, hundreds of health care workers have signed a letter asking the governor to close bars and nightclubs. Amy held NPR news. In Bolivia, authorities have begun digging mass graves for covert 19 victims. NPR's Philip Reeves reports the country is experiencing a surge of new infections. Olivia locked down early, and his only registered around 35,000 infections on 1300 deaths. That's far fewer than its larger neighbours Brazil, Chile and Peru. Now as Bolivia's economy reopens cases of spiking health officials warn new infections of soaring and could soon explode. Cemeteries and hospitals in some areas are reportedly already overwhelmed. TV footage from a cemetery in the city of Cochabamba shows workers digging mass graves. All this is deepening tensions in a nation that's being gripped by political conflict since former President Evo Morales was ousted last year, Phillip reads NPR news. March will be held in Houston, Texas, today in honor of Vanessa. Again. She's a soldier believed to have been murdered on the Fort Hood Army base. Houston Public Media's Laura I, Since he has more Before she joined the U. S Army. Venice again played on her Houston high school soccer team and was known as a hardworking and kind student. New details about her death have hit her hometown. Hard murals have popped up in her honor in community members and her family planned to call for justice as they march in downtown Houston to city Hall. This week, the FBI released a criminal complaint with grizzly information, alleging a fellow soldier murdered the 20 year old on the army base and buried her remains near a river. Her family has been demanding answers and ski and disappeared in April and now wants action from Congress. Answers believe her death is linked to sexual harassment she endured at Fort Hood, but was too afraid to report I'm Laura is in C in Houston, This is NPR. And support for NPR comes from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, which aims to improve the quality of lives through grants supporting child while being in the environment, Medical research and the performing arts. I'm Dr Michael Wilkes, professor of Medicine, 2020 has seen an avalanche of important news stories. But covert 19 is a long game and we've let down our guard. Rising infection rates again require.

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