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Retook the gavel on Thursday Democrats promptly passed bills to reopen the government, but Mitch McConnell says those bills are DO in the Senate. He's waiting for Democrats to agree to something. The president is willing to sign and Chuck Schumer says the president told him he's willing to keep the government closed for months or years. So is the government ever going to reopen? Welcome to left right and center, you're civilized, yet provocative antidote to the self-contained opinion bubbles that dominate political debate Josh barrow on today's show John Bresnahan capital bureau chief for politico will join us to discuss how Pelosi built the coalition that made her speaker again, and what she had to promise moderates and left us in the process. Mike konczal from the Roosevelt institute will join us to discuss the first major democratic presidential candidate was with Warren in the agenda. She'll run on. We'll also look at the fight between President Trump and the Federal Reserve all of that is coming up next on left right and center. We'll be right back. On the newest Nocturne. I went to bed bath and beyond and bought a pillow and emergency blanket and a flashlight and a face cloth. Sketchbook? The night comes and Michael asks the obvious question where we're going to stay the night. Whereas the safe port of harbor in this gigantic building where we can squirrel ourselves away. Find knock turn or every listen to podcasts. Welcome back to the left right and center. I'm Josh barrow your center and business columnist at New York magazine on the right is Ryan Salaam, executive editor of national review on the left is Ana Marie Cox, host of the crooked media podcast with friends like these and columnist for scifis fan girls. It's a new year, and there's a new democratic majority in the house of representatives. New members were sworn in on Thursday and Nancy Pelosi took the gavel as speaker after passing rules to govern the new house..

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