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Aaron Rodgers signed a hundred million American dollars. You come on the show last week. You get one hundred million dollars this week. Cow Rudolph was on the show last week. Let's assume some point. He's gonna make a lot of money. I am so happy for Rogers. I'm so so happy for that guy. Hundred million guaranteed got a feel fucking eighty million by March. Yeah. By Saint Patrick's Day. Imagine your Bank account just growing by eighty million dollars in six months. Well, forty, you gotta to give the government forty million just went the quickness, but for me, it'd be very difficult to continue on my ask if I'm one hundred million dollars in the Bank all fifty two million dollars in the Bank. That's why you're in Rogers is a professional. That's why they never paid me one hundred million dollars, and I am so happy for an Rogers today. We're gonna fool. Hard knocks recap after watching Tuesday night show. I hope you guys enjoyed it. We got a conversation with hall of Famer Brian Urlacher that you're going to enjoy. I'm I didn't think Brian Urlacher was going to be electric. He was from start to finish. You're gonna love it. Let's go and get right into the conversation we recorded earlier today. Hard knocks episode for Tuesday nights have become the most electric nights on television for me. I watched Monday night raw. We're not really near a pay per view right now. There's not a lot going on. I watched smackdown I enjoy the games, but this reality TV show of inside a training camp is absolutely impeccable. And last night I learned so much about that. God damn team digs. I'm sure you have some takeaways. I could run through my notes. They go in chronological chronological order. You can stop whenever you want. Nailed it. I said the theme song doesn't get enough credit for how truly good at Alcorn is though the opening I agree. I think that every single time, the openings, very corny Myles Garrett running through like a fake glass. I think it's too much way better because HBO was very, very talented, but I think they did too much on the opening thing. The song is incredible, but I think the opening was too much. It was almost like a sports science steel in that show sucks. Like anytime you get Fielding's. But the opening is the song is good. The opening thought too much, Josh Gordon air pot guy, and he already knows the place and should practice right now. So that was very interesting. He was making sure the camera heard him. He knew the place because I think I was the one of those people that said it that he's not starting week one probably because he doesn't know the playbook. But instead he screaming to the camera that he does know the plays. That'll be interesting to see if he does or not. Because if Todd Haley's offense is anything similar to a previous offense, he's run. It's just kind of dust an off off the older lane a little bit. Different learning new words is everything like that. He looks like a monster, though, doesn't he does. He is a how about him wearing two, three ice stripes while not looking at the lady who's interim looking off into the distance as if the camera was getting like Horatio Caine shot on CSI. Was looking. I enjoyed that a lot. Well, I have Josh Gordon drink like he is fucking John Norma's monster fishes landed by the way, the big fish is land. That was kind of an interesting terminology, the one with twelve fingers. That's what John Dorsey said a good line by the way, because it probably does seem like that whenever just Gordon's play at thought is football. GM like the coolest position in sports like you are literally building your own team, how ever you want real life that just seems you smack in the hands of the receivers that was another not here GM's normally involved in practice like that. The last GM I was around anytime ownership would show up. He would sprint across the field to go shake their hands and talk to them the entire Bill Polian though had a nest where he would sit up on this perch, basically just looking down on everything and he would show up like fifteen minutes into practice, and he would leave like fifteen minutes before it ended, and he would just sit there by himself. Nobody would talk to him. He's just sitting up there..

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