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Thompson, from London in the house, as you know, I spend a great deal of time at my English pub. Pickwick pub where I'm sure I'll be arguing about Afghanistan all day today. Stage dog is here. Nancy Cox, with the badge, nurse M 65 Russell Johnson. I don't care about thumbs down. Marie a motto. Who else we got here, cosmic rose is from Twitch, Leslie play fair. Let's see mister bungle there's my mom is here. I'm Melissa Feldman, Bruce Malacca, one Laura culture with the badge demon McCain with the bachelor hoarsely from Illinois. You're gonna love this, the reason we have Illinois, Illinois congressman from the 6th district Sean caston on today. He'll be on in a little bit. I missed anybody. There's my mom, Deborah Hennessy, Audrey, rager, Deb Thompson. Okay, there's John deaf saying hi to my mother. I see a freaking super chat there. I just can't find out who it's from. There it is just in case thank you very much. You just watched me around the balcony smart Milan does this feeling better. Thank you, Justin. She is feeling better. I'm very happy to report. She stopped taking her heart medication, I guess, and because her legs were hurt. And so that that's what caused her high blood pressure and that's what caused my niece, Jennifer to call the ambulance and took her into the ER. I spoke to my daughter last night. All my kids were very concerned about my mom because they all know how much how important she is to our family. And they wrote and said as such. But we are, we are very happy that my mom is doing fine. As far as me is still clogged, I'm using that stuff they gave me the earwax removal kit. And hopefully my hearing will come back to the left ear, which is right here. I know it looks like it's the right to you, but it's not. It's the left. Yeah, we're gonna get into Afghanistan. And you know what? You know, Joe Biden's gonna speak in about 30 minutes. And here's the thing, okay? As I tweeted out. A Republicans then. What the hell are we doing in Afghanistan? Why the hell we have troops in Afghanistan? Let's get our troops out of there. What the hell is wrong with us? Why are we still in Afghanistan? Joe Biden removes the troops. I can't believe Joe Biden went and moved the troops. What an idiot, oh my God, he must go..

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