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Of seven hundred fifty thousand dollars after prosecutors in California accused the companies of selling products and oversized containers that misled people who thought they were getting more chocolate than they did. Prosecutors also say Ghirardelli offered one chocolate product containing less. Cocoa than advertised Matt piper. CBS news, not all. Starbucks fans. Are Howard Schultz fans many been asking for a shot of politics with their Pacino's since the company's former CEO announced his interest in running for president. The Huffington Post says a weekly memo instructs baristas to let customers now they respect everyone's opinion. But their goal is to create a warm and welcoming space where people can gather as a community over great coffee fractured further. The party line is Howard future plans are up to him. Deborah rodriguez. CBS news. Four zero five at the bay area's news station. KCBS scattered showers this morning, cloudy skies this afternoon and tomorrow more rain tomorrow night into Saturday morning. I'm John Evans. A federal judge in San Francisco will wait to see PG knees. New wildfire mitigation plan next week before he orders any new rules for PG KCBS has Doug sovereign said the judge chastise the company for violating its criminal probation. Judge William also berated the utility throughout the contentious probation hearing. Instead of better submit a viable effective plan to prevent more wildfires by next Wednesday. He said PG simply can't keep causing fires and killing people among his options appoint a receiver to take charge of the company. So just Mark Tony head of the utility reform network. A receiver will be accountable to the.

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