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In the AD less lineups where he's kind of the loan big on the floor. So yeah, I think this is one of those very easy slam dunk decisions for the leakers to bring him in. It's kind of him and Damian Jones now. The sun is up for true 5s and they're not bad. I like Damien Jones too, so I think the Lakers are pretty well covered there. Yeah, exactly. Look, if your Thomas Bryant and you look at the situation unless Anthony Davis starts at the center, it's you versus Damien Jones for the starting job. And that's a much more clear path than saying, hey, I somehow have to supplant Robert Williams or something like that. It's not going to happen. So it makes a lot of sense. 35% from three. So there's some hope there that he can continue to space the floor a little bit. We talked just a minute ago about the bucks and how they like having floor spacing pigs, darvin hams, probably going to be utilizing the same stuff, having just come from Milwaukee. So fit wise makes a lot of sense going back to the Lakers. A little bit unusual. Kennedy Chandler sets a record. As far as the second round pick, getting a four year deal, most money guaranteed. What's going on here? What's incentivized that kind of commitment? Yeah, we're going to see what the actual fully guaranteed numbers are in this because he got 7.1 million. We'll see what that looks like, but that is a lot of money in a four year deal. My guess is again, fourth year will be a team option. So that the grizzlies are protected on this. And then in exchange for that, they probably gave them a bump on the year over year, so probably won't be a straight minimum in years. One and two, probably going to be, if I had to guess, this would be fully guaranteed years one and two, a little bit above the minimum. And then probably just partial guarantee on year three on there. But they're bringing him in behind entire Jones behind John Moran. Got Miranda officially in his extension today. And he's going to come in and he's going to be the developmental point guard.

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