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Is. Cece CeCe Tabatha just the third left eater reached that three thousand Mark joining Randy Johnson and Steve Carlton had Brad Heller has more on the Yankees Lawson CC's feet coming up at sports at six twelve six four and the Queensboro bridge is having some overcrowding issues for cyclists and pedestrians that is fighting for the same limited space WCBS reporters, Sean Adams, joining us live this morning from Hatton on the Manhattan side of the bridge on what some say could be the solution here, Sean well, right now, it's pretty narrow squeeze the shared path cyclists and pedestrians. They they have a real real little space here on the Queensboro bridge. They're restricted to the north side as accountable Jimmy van Bremer. He's behind a plan to give folks on foot and folks on bikes their own space. He supports moving the pedestrians to the south side the outer roadway, which is now used by vehicles. So what would that mean for cars and trucks? It's unclear DOT says it will take a look at this try to figure out what they can do to give the bicyclists and pedestrians their own space. But right now, major repair work for the bridge. That's what takes priority. So for the time being they cyclists and pedestrians going to have to share reporting live to fifty ninth street bridge on Adams WCBS, NewsRadio eighty nine shots. Six zero five on the first of may question should adults consider getting a booster for the measles at the question being asked more because of the big outbreak. Now biggest in twenty.

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