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Tommy being out you'll have to settle for my take on the warriors. They are outstanding though. No question about that. They don't resume until Thursday. Then reserve resume until Thursday, and I fully expect a worse to be obviously focused. I expect him to sweep the rest of the series because of the embarrassment of thirty one point lead vanished in a loss in game number two in the amount of trash talk that the that the clippers have given so far, and I'm sure they've seen the video of Patrick Beverley running off and pumping his fist and all those kind of things. But before we get into some of the meteor things it was about defense as much as we can talk about Durant and Beverly and we will DeMarcus cousins, and we will eighty five points. Give it up in the second half is absolutely ridiculous. And being outscored seventy two to thirty seven in the second half is absolutely ridiculous. We'll talk to Steve curl run. Ten fifty giants will be here in just a few minutes. And we'll talk to Steve Kerr over on ten fifty at six o'clock about those things as far as the big story. Steve Kerr did say today that DeMarcus cousins will not need surgery on that quad. But it's unlikely he returned this post. Season. But he does say they are holding out hope because as Marcus Thompson says a fast, he'll is in the realm of possibility. So I don't know what that means necessarily. But good thing they picked up Andrew bogut looniest playing well in the in the pivot, so far they will get some teams little bit bigger. So it's good to have bogut who has that championship experience? And as far as Kevin Durant is concerned in the whole thing with Beverly Steve Kerr said today, I wanna see him. Kevin durant? Get twenty shots thirty. He says he says he wants to get him. More aggressive Durant had eight shots in game. Number two and nine turnovers, I'd have more. But we don't have time. We're going to get you ready for the giants and the nationals only here on the sports leader..

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