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Ronald McDonald house over the weekend forestall of the families who were living there out the charities CEO. Holly Buchan doll says a fundraising page has been set up to help them still working on catering meals and helping with laundry transportation to and from the hospital from the hotel location. So all those become very immediate needs. Folkston really help us keep these families together of those displaced many of them have been put up in a nearby motel with whatever they could grab after water pipes burst in the building. Chicago police are reviewing surveillance video taken from cameras in the vicinity of a lounge where seven people were shot early Sunday morning on southside two men were killed five. Others injured with this fight started around two AM inside Ron Reynolds lounge near seventy fifth and Ingles side that fight then spilled outside the club. Police say that's when a silver four door Ford pulled up, and that someone inside it began shooting no arrests the federal government will partially shut down again in less than two weeks. If agreement isn't reached on the spending plan ABC's Tara Palmeri PTS as lawmakers on. Both sides are still dug in president. Now speaker Nancy Pelosi both set in their ways, she says under no condition will there be money in the budget for a wall. There's not be any wall money in the in the in the legislation, but Trump is facing opposition in congress on multiple fronts. A large group of Republican senators recently passed an amendment rebuking the president's plans to pull troops overseas fighting terrorism and the president sat down for a wide ranging interview it covered things like Roger stone, North Korea much, more ABC's, Chuck Sivertsen reports on advisor confidant, and friend Roger stone indicted in the Russia investigation. Would you pardon him have not about it? It looks like he's defending himself. Very well. Margaret Brennan on CBS face the nation asked about a second summit with North Korea's leader. You'll be finding out probably say to the union or shortly before. But the meeting said he's looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to it. We've made tremendous progress on house speaker Pelosi opposing a border wall. She was very rigid, which I would expect. But I think she's very bad for our country. Richton ABC news. We'll check sports traffic and weather next on WGN looking to stand out from the package your first job when you earn a master's in management from Georgetown. You'll gain the skills employers value most elevating your career prospects.

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