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In Freddie on KNBR six eighty these sports leader we'll get into our verbally under yes man for it in just a minute but joining us on the my gas line is the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks Lloyd Pierce joins us good friend of Franny and of course the war years just made a deal with the hawks bringing bringing Amari Spelman to Golden State or Damian Jones and a twenty twenty six second round pick and Lloyd is with us say Lloyd how are you good idea though L. T. your way we too awake right now to be in Vegas seriously it's very good to flee from either for the the earthquake here for both earthquake that my model staff they become crazy because I just sat there and I was like well you have everyone outside of California thinks earthquakes are the most devastating thing in the last fifteen seconds and I'll know we you are you are you guys hello momentum going Travis Schlenk Danny Martinez lot of a lot of for all your people out in Atlanta doing their thing and and the the trade came down you know first of all the summer league is just exploded it's amazing the growth of the of summer league I was watching lawyers Lakers last night on the two but it's it's amazing how many people are into it but the deal came down yesterday and the the war years can't Amari Spelman and you guys get Damien Jones give his Sir give a full breakdown on this deal from your perspective you know for us it's it's you know we're we're still getting another young guy we just acquired Jabbar Parker has a backup for which created a little bit of a log jam for Mari and we needed some depth at the five spot which gives us an opportunity to go get someone like Damien who you know still young just finished a thirty year most of our guys are in their second and third year so he fits our time line well but you know we have a dynamic point guard is really good and take a role we show Damien's gonna have an opportunity to grow in his career playing with Terry playing with some of our guys and and and and given this opportunity that the ram which is his strength when you go from you know coach in college Santa Clara then you go into is like just the scouting world and and working with the warriors and and all these other guys to see where these college players are coming out now and how you know how far in advance they are like a tree young are are you are you surprised to see the growth from the for the first time you came in early to now I think it's different how many do you can start with the high school guys now you know so many players that are in high school right now that are just ridiculously advanced in their skill set I think that the biggest growth there's still a little bit of a let down in terms of their understanding of how to play the game understanding of the winning basketball the nuances of it but the individual talent the lack the size the lane the bill used to the boiling add stats improve tremendously for for the young guys Hey Willie tell us a little bit about Spelman model your fans obviously you're eager to see what he can do for Golden State we someone a national championship at Villanova and Eric paschal played with them there but if you give us your thoughts on him you know they actually some similarities within America asco you know two guys out of Villanova that bring toughness in intensity Dow they play G. right as an unbelievable job at battling over to get those guys to play that way Amari shot forty three percent are coming out of college and and shot a good number you know you do he didn't finish the year because of injury but I think he was in the thirty six thirty seven percent range from three so you get a big can step out behind the three point line and knock down some three you got a big they're going to get some office three rounds he plays with a lot of emotion in a lot of intensity connect four years in the second year he still has to improve upon those things we'll figure out you know how to adjust and play with the rest of the NBA but you definitely have the skill set that's going to be unique you know the the one thing that you said earlier about like just the young guys and coming up in it and it goes with the Mari Spelman Eric Pascal is that coming from winning programs in and they know how to win right the dream on green came out of Michigan state he was in the final four every year he knew how to win how it like when you got the on three hundred you got the rights to him this year how important was that he played for number one team a national championship team obviously talent takes over everything but plane for a title contender every year in college is that important in the growth in the NBA for you and for us as were built in our roster and we're and we're doing it organically to the draft we're gonna require talent and I think that that that's the beauty of its very young of the talents are calling to the tower cameras to the talent the underrated talent you also want to acquire some other things as well guys that have a defense of background you know down with ACC defensive player of the year you want to acquire some guys that know what will being feels like Andy Andrea hunter one the the national championship so it's one thing to have a bunch of guys that can score in someone's got to defend some of a rebound someone's got to make the extra pass someone understand the opponents that and so I think we have a little bit of that with the Andre who comes from a winning programs one an actual championship who is a deep it's a player year which shows a lot about it mentality in its approach to the game yeah I think some golden state's perspective they love the fact that they get three years a control with with Amari Spelman so they get three years to kinda get him role in and they also get a guy who can space the floor and shoot the three mention forty three percent shooting the three ball that final year at at Villanova but one of his issues is just gonna be like many of us you know keeping his weight in in shack I suppose we got up into the mid to nineties that this is a guy who's a tremendous basketball player and has a lot of fire but he's got to be committed to the fitness part of it in keeping that way down how much of a challenge do you think that's going to be for him I think anytime you're dealing with a young player it's not even what the issue is this the discipline in the routine of knowing the rigors of an NBA season we played a two game play five preseason games and you know you guys are used to being impulse even for a couple months after so you can get into the triple digits in terms of games played you're gonna have a lot of issues whether it's injury whether it's weight whether it's eating whether it's sleeping for a young player they have to understand those things are coming regardless and how you handle it is always a challenge and so I think the beauty of it is the Mars gone through a year where he was hurt and now we trying to keep himself in shape he's trying to get himself back in say coming off of an injury and it's not easy and so because you've already done it I think he now is aware of how serious that can be and how difficult it can be if you're not doing the right thing you're not in the training room after the game you're not you know making sure you're getting rest at night and so it's going to be a challenge I just think well hopefully this year was beneficial to him to realize that things are gonna happen now what what's your approach to to make sure that you you're avoiding situations as often as you can was a big for you the fact that like Omari went through all that stuff and you know being injured being a bigger guy obviously not the talent but you have any experience with your own bead in Philadelphia seen him through his injury and how he had to prep himself to be able to stay on the court was that it factor in you know in being able to talk to him in a and get the message across to own well you know there's a lot of guys that reach out and want to offer advice you know when you have young guys and and and I think so well situation with the same in Asia to injury the new deal with a guy that's growing he's constantly getting bigger and stronger but yet he's affected been dominant and on the court he's still going to use all the playoffs with yeah well and and and just trying to stay on the court in trying to be active for every game and be a hundred percent it's not a one year deal with the rest of your career how do you manage this that this is what separates the elite players from just the average guy these guys that that you see consistently producing insulin up they take care of her body they take care of their approach to the game and and and they have a routine that that works we're trying to Lloyd peers head coach the Atlanta Elena hawks on the Yuma gas line in joining us from Las Vegas the side of the NBA summer league which is probably the most popular new was sporting event going right now you don't not seen as the City College some really get that yeah it's little bit bigger deal better not their role to solve the issue because I I was talking about that's what I grew up on what I'm talking about there are every year do you know it's funny we just saw one of the most dramatic off seasons in the history of American sports sway with what we saw in the NBA in the last couple weeks about a third of the T. of the players forty percent yeah we profanity and mia and free agency assistant change teams including like ten of the top twenty players in the league and a mouse talking to somebody yesterday was tight in the league and said you know what there's going to be about ten to twelve teams that show up in training camp with real belief that they can win the NBA finals and that for this guy's perspective he thinks it's a it's a huge positive what do you think I know a lot of the young people will love the movement of the player move or.

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