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Two for $4 breakfast deal. Spread the good news. I'm mad Bear with traffic on the fives, Followers on Twitter and W II be sea trash. Randy Allah, Swiss TV meteorologist. What's going on? Hey, Tony boy today what has been a great weekend? You're really put the Christmas lights tonight was yesterday. 1 2050 a final grand. Here we had a record high on Sunday and 79 degrees and again today another record high 78 degrees. Partly sunny skies. Partly cloudy. Mild tonight Low 62 Tomorrow Call for does approach Mostly cloudy, breezy. Late afternoon showers could be a thunderstorm. Tomorrow's hyper on 75 Go four moves through here tomorrow night and looked like Tony would clear it out. Cool it back down when they partly sunny, much cooler by 58 degrees about normal will keep a drive with temperatures in the fifties for Thursday and Friday. That is Randy Alice, and you know him from Wish TV. Also available for 10 Years. 55 degrees in the American Standard heating Weather Center the time right now, with 606 thiss Hour on 93 WNBC is powered by BMW plumbing, heating, cooling and drains your American standard air dealer. Good news is Corona virus is over. You don't worry about that anymore. You. You see, it was a thing. And then you've got.

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