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Sure Bob sometimes I don't even know all the cheese shop with some saying hello Joe when you work at all they don't run and so shop sometimes I don't even this the song where are the shop by sometimes I shop using counting the counting the uses in mind the water sometimes I the and the idea yeah and then yeah and that yeah and the the and then and and that and scanners yeah I am and I'm hungry you learning you must've been some strangers many you must to save some to get some now that said with Bela Fleck playing Scarlatti from his C. D. perpetual motion which of course is a famous classical piece of rapid notes prior to that Cheryl Wheeler Gandhi and Buddha and again the feeling you have when you find a partner in life who not quite above you but you can't believe your good fortune what karma is coming back when you find someone you care about and still cares about you once they know you through and through welcome Douglas with the teen choir the lights doing the song pleasure that was the one was just vocalize syllables no lyrics Pete Seeger had commented once that folk music was a solo art and it just hadn't yet been the right genius to come along and make it an ensemble and I think Malcolm Dalglish does that there's another new movement village harmony with the amazing music director.

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