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Effort against president trump and now discussing switching parties the freshman congressman facing a significant backlash from other Democrats A. B. C.'s George Soros with more force is familiar with the situation save injures decision to switch from Democrat to Republican comes after a meeting with Mr trump on Friday some members of his party have criticized the freshman congressman suggesting the switch is merely a play to save his C. come elections in November meanwhile some members of the G. O. P. are touting the news as a blow to efforts to impeach the president manager's office has not yet responded to the potential move democratic presidential candidates pledging to boost funding for public schools increase teacher salaries and reduce college debt at a forum yesterday held in Pittsburgh candidates also looking for endorsements from the nation's two major teacher unions seven candidates vowing to overhaul an education system that they say helps the rich hurts the poor and fails to pay teachers the salaries that they deserve it is seven thirty seven time for check now on Wall Street with Bloomberg in the latest from Charlie Pellett a significant milestone for way mows pioneering robo taxi service given more than one hundred thousand trips and their robo taxis David Naughton wrote the story for Bloomberg news away Morrow is owned by alphabet ink which is formally known as Google in fact weightless started its life as is the Google self driving car project decade ago right now the pilot program operates in Chandler Arizona with fifteen hundred monthly users have learned a few different things one is that the majority of these rides happen in the late afternoon or evening and there for a variety of uses going to work school but a common use they said is to have a date night but there are lots of questions about a wider rollout wave CEO who said he's on shore when commercial robo taxis will take off and Ford CEO who said the industry over estimated the arrival of self driving cars on Charlie public Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio what is next in the impeachment process of president trump will get a report from Washington and to check on sports straight ahead already tips and.

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