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Above average hosts eric balsam and my co host is definitive commissioner of fantasy football. Feral elliott feral. We have a couple of great guests on the show tonight Two of our bodies to people that have are very accomplished in the f. Fcc and at that see along the break a little bit show because I was a little bit nervous when i was watching that monday night game. I didn't have a ton of ravens and colts going and my leaves this past week but of all my managed teams this year About twenty to manage teams. Where i got you know submit lineups and waivers every week. This past week are eighteen and four eighteen and in in twenty burying and the bachmann column makes me happy congressional. Thank you so much i. I was thrilled It was much needed. Obviously we all know You as an f. Fcc guys understand how hard winds are to come by at the highest level. So thrilled to see it. I hope we can continue rolling. And quite frankly i hope we could pick the minds of our our our guest tonight to to try to glean some Some nuggets fantasy now gets for you and i to to make the remainder of our seasons very profitable here man. I do too. I expect when knowledge is dispensed from these to be similar to being Oh probably as close to the chest and this tight as a slot machine at the goldstrike on Friday night in downtown. Las vegas so i don't really think you know but perhaps if we asked them politely they will be charitable and share some of their knowledge i. I'm very excited for that. We are going to talk to the twenty twenty one f. Ftc made event leaders. Danny miller and ron meyer. Roughly in about twelve minutes here on the high stakes fantasy football hour. We're gonna talk about how they assembled such dominant squad whether you need to keep the fight Whether you need to fight to keep band jefferson on rosters with the bye week. Gauntlet upon us with So many injuries which will touch on tonight That have hit a high stakes fantasy owners here in week. Six and whether ricky jones is gonna make his managers happy in week six plus Obviously it's more topics we're gonna hit on shadow to the chat room right now. You can post your questions you might have in there If you want to connect with us on twitter the show is that. Hsf our. i am at eric wolfman Danny is at danny mueller. One ron is to packer..

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