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I said today biting clarifying statements that he's always complied with lawful orders but that he sees no legal basis for a subpoena it's not clear if there will be witnesses at the trial is the rules have not been established maybe seals describe their platoon leader Eddie Gallagher is toxic and evil in interviews obtained by The New York Times from an investigation into war crimes charges against Gallagher he was acquitted and ABC Stephanie Rameau's has more president trump intervened in the case in November ordering the navy to restore Gallagher's rank and leader ordering the navy to allow Gallagher to keep his trident pin which identifies him as a member of the seal community Gallagher has gleefully praised the president for coming to his defense even meeting with trump last weekend at his Mar a Lago resort handing the president a gift from his time in Mosel a lawyer for Gallagher says the seals made up the story because they did not like their chief small plane crash a Lafayette Louisiana authorities say it's not immediately clear how many people were on board seven people were on a helicopter tour in Hawaii it crashed on collide the wreckage has been located as have the remains of six of the seven people at this point authorities do not believe that anybody survive the helicopter set out to sea Hawaii's remote majestic views and was supposed to return at sunset but never arrive the crash set off an intense search involving multiple agencies including the Coast Guard as ABC's will car in coal why you're listening to ABC news and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK a Christmas tree may be to blame for a massive apartment fire in him at the kill the data is two dollars and labor says he rushed to help with the mom began screaming the tree was on fire the dad got mom in there baby out safely then ran back inside for us for a twelve year old girls but I got trapped California's looming ban on the sale and importation of alligator crocodile products at the start January first is on hold as I commit a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order.

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