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Well I mean what's the point of it all? That's you know that's the you know in this. Podcast WE KINDA gets to the what you've learned part and I mean what do we do now? I will tell you this. It's what you do now it's It is there's no big mystery to it it is. I don't believe in legacy I don't believe in A. I mean whatever I used to believe about any of that stuff and what will my place in the Pantheon? It's not about that it's about. Did you behave well? Did you You Know Day in and day out try to do good work. Did you You know try to enjoy things as as best you could did. You may try. Lives better for Pete. Just try to pay it forward a little bit and yeah and also have humility about the whole thing you know just. I really have humility. Don't think you're don't think that you're I don't know I think I have. I may not always come across but I do have real empathy for people and I like to joke around a lot that I don't have empathy or play. The Guy was like out of touch but I do empathize with other people when I realized in a bunch of ways. I've been lucky so I don't get a big head about you know and just sort of Play close to the bone. Yeah but I don't know what it's all about. I just know that migration will be a monument it will make the Pyramids Looks Small and people will know my name. Millions of years as the overcompensate Coenen be over him say they will come in with masters shy at Phallic Tomb. All right well. That's enough of this All Right Yeah I love you very much and taking the time. Well you know well now we have to shoot more scuff. Y'All see you in like six minutes. I think we'll do we'll but yeah you know this is. The thing is that I always wanted to do. This kind of crazy thing always had a dream of doing this thing Making something having my band if people. I don't know why you and I met in ninety three. I don't know I know specifically how it happened. Yeah but you're the perfect person at the perfect time and you compliment me And I don't mean compliment because you've never complimented me but you compliment me you you you. You are such a great He was such a great partner in comedy. And in. And you're very honest and I think the fact that I have a lot of affection when I look when these things pop up on my phone and I see you doing something in Nineteen ninety-five or you know shooting some remote and were dressed literally like children. Yeah I am really grateful a Mike. God bless that Andy. He was there He was there and he saved the day. So listen I I definitely I. I'm a one hundred percent in agreement with you that we do. We work well together. Both on and off camera and and I mean in this show is giving me the opportunity to kind of find my place in the in the comedy world. Can I mean and I you know I went often did sitcoms and stuff and I came back just because I love the immediacy of it you know. I love the fact that we get to push it on. Tv Today Yell and sit and wait for somebody to come back from you know Maui and judge what I've written you're right. I've been sitting right for three weeks on now. We have a little clubhouse but we can pull up the rope ladder and not let anybody else. Yeah Yeah it's great all right. Well this is actually. This is the actually the end of my Podcast season your season closer. I do data on. That's no no I mean I designed it that way. I do want to say to the people out there. The people the People Assemble would say Thank you so much for listening to this show and it. I got nothing but wonderful feedback and it really is meaningful to me all the nice things that people say about this show and I'm glad that means something to the people that listen to it and I'm sure I'll be coming back to you soon with more of them. So thank you CONAN. Thank you listeners. And.

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