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Jamie. Wallace ecole coal. We have a call of the we won't have to have coal of the year and and we've already neild at somebody's actually said. That jamie looked like jim jordan. Stevenson's died is jal. Aw during this crisis jace the cheese love the cheese adjusting calvet stein. If you're the navy yard already bought life given aid any custom would or cabinetry. Justin kelvin is trump law. Drop a log on the page. I different now just to walk all right. So let's chat about it because it's been a lot going on around the grounds funny enough and we're going to call that a new segment from around the grounds is the news of the week. So we're going use of the wake but we're going what's happened over the over. The prices and i think the biggest around the grants was simply the eddie mcguire calling the headed. You feel when gripe managing if a twenty plus years and the why they left off thought. It was an absolute shine because he is pretty hot and solve money. Family tom into that club for a lot longer than people being supporting it and to see the way that he went out was a travesty. Malls head you said yes probably much the as you peps at office so it kicked off. This is as bread. Kirk has told us to be the season pepsico to speak from the heart and have the courage to speak about it I felt that he probably did have a missed site. When he first on that report Honestly it was you would have locked. Assane him have a chance to actually work on some of those things but at the same time he's also had fifteen years to work on those things that are in the club anyways our conc- by sides of the coin. I personally feel from the board. There was sponsored pressure to mighty release him or him to step down otherwise it would have cost them financially more. I think he probably did fall. And we sold in that sense. 'cause the love calling what you say. Great well the thing that probably sit in a love was when he opened up the press conference with this brilliant quite that one of al valued. Leeson's jomaa who has come up with it was. It was a great day in the history of the collingwood football club. Think you probably got that one a little bit role in your ought to think. That was the straw that broke the camel's back because he's had each had a number of things however Around the around these but goodness fly in eighty mcguire. More club absolutely loved us because he is an absolute star. Figure go to take the good with a bag. It's been a lot of talk would syndrome. He's fantastic and what he does but he also has. He's i niger flaws. As well talk it was just a it. Was this now shine to seem out. That wine apparently hasn't been he hasn't been too good nixing sets a code to Remember what here at license and football community. Nothing about the guys. He had soon as also because he was a he does count to be profiled but he also is someone who then has the ability to potentially changing because he is such a big personality and if he was going to rot ship i think he could obtain the right person to write that because of such influence in such Such a wide used that he could have done it. bought unfortunately is probably as john mentioned that he's Destroy the Back with all atom goods incidents Things on live on radio. And i guess there it is what it is. It's moved on there. Were people who are calling for collingwood to release box end Eighty three easy are now. So i don't know maybe they'll go with that one on twenty twenty. Who said that many many times over the years and everybody everybody can predict these things perfectly after it occurs to but are i listened to some also made some other things alters your if you're nine for something different the. Nfl decided to change the rules again. Your favorite what favorite wife favorite subject that always pops up is the rule changes. That are occurring. Now you've written a few of these dance not let you start. These ones often they bring to the forefront and then we'll we'll go from there show okay so the end of every year. The iphone goes through an reviews the rules in three different teas. You've got the. Nfl will the afl baffled T to and then you've got ta three challenges while sorry we're gonna focus on in this part is just the three Rule changes in everything three changed turtle. Some good some force in some the pepsi probably going to height which is probably all of them. So this is pepsi's five at subject alongside athletes. Being football is so rule number one. It took him thirteen minutes of the season to bring athletes playing. Footballs our number. A maximum of seventy five host. Who play into changes Any changes being hot topic ever since two thousand and fifteen now so way of rotations Match in twenty twenty by obeying reduced further the fifteen down to seventy five in twenty twenty one h will continue to be permitted four interchange plies but watch that spice because there could be changes coming in that area so the first one is in a changes going from nineteen seventy five once again in the hopes that afraid of the game plays get more time and moghal is a more schools had number two playa standing. The mock is this the biggest rule controversy in the off season. I've never saying my facebook twitter all those things. Just lauch up with this rule rated as the afl has stated on their website. The defending playa will only be permitted. Minimal lateral movement on the mock is the defending player moves off the mark in any direction prior to play on bank code at fifty. A penalty will apply. The defensive team is unable to substitute. The pla on the mock. So there are two big things in Off you to come back on either. Two big things that stick out to me committed minimal lateral movement. What does that mean because of sane. A lot of practice asari to practice matches memory club but for every club obscene. The rule look like last year where players and blocked off the forty five. Kick off saying the essendon sankyo Dine on lock. You couldn't take a step to left overwrought before getting quarter who trained a penalty. The whole idea is the rule is to stop. the playas is blocking the forty. Five mehta can't on the inside that's boarding so the implies Make that kick in and get it in. So i pips what he locked about it. What have you not locked about it. Where you with this moving on the mark let me start with the first one. The seventy five changes soybean are having issue with it and it's also a bit hard to determine if it's going to be a positive or a negative okay because if you looking at last year we only had seventeen games. The quotas were sixty minutes. I had different price as was an anomaly this year. They've gone back to full twenty minute quotas. They're gonna have less. In relation to afield support. Staff cy masseuses China's zeke cetera. So the recovery time up a little bit longer. So i think that it's gonna make much affected for the first month or rick and random it seeks to wake seen is when you're going to see really take its toll that sinai. I have no issue. If there is a natural attrition through the guy. Because i still think that you can't go full to one hundred percent you do need to have that groin and you need to have that slow. Dana's walter ends up enough of mentioned it. But after playing three hundred and seventy seven games for the almighty football club which if anyone does not know. Shaw the f. Al legend will be at mach club sheet. He heard that. I retired ten years ago and wanted to step into moss shoes..

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