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The exchange and it was just beautiful we have someone in the wind i guess they actually worked with my uncle and i tino and now yeah i'm well how are you it in you know play it really point we got the news and then actually how the ground he worked very well play with him in trouble but a lot three and it i get but it you know we wait the minute but baiting you know i don't know what the and i was trying to bribed him could get me to go to your wedding the maker good for you lead you don't girls with it and put up up and the find out but well my hope unknown i i ben along with their and here it and he put that and mentioned that he was related but my wife but what no i don't keep slipped and fell up and you can improve and i have my mind was like wait you know some game will they didn't get that and i beard probably four time think i try goodbye para pick let me make it you the great management travel to find that then alive and mike my had been is at a really that point because we don't know one anything can happen in it got to travel and yeah is trying to feed ap why can't travel but he can be their helm and buddy he was but he was a good i wasn't eighteen he was good man was in a i sat next i'm just returned a problem that kind of stuff so why that is is the race and the what did you off for him to get into the wedding well i was going to give me that i break i am it would hurt thank you you don't make.

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