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There were very serious clashes with louise <hes> for a sort of protesters pertain someone on one of these links. E._m._t.'s tried to evacuate him. Many protesters were resistant to this while the police with expelled arrived at the scene day swatted at protesters repeal wrath. Sir testers say that they're fighting for a more democratic system system in hong kong representative government i- now they want. We like to be investigated <hes> plot the protests are totally leaderless and it's very unclear what will happen. It's very intense situation. The airport and in city giant by this morning outbound and inbound flights have resumed at the airport which is one of the world's busiest in in a statement hong kong's airport authority said it had secured a court injunction to quote restrain persons from unlawfully and willfully obstructing the airports activities and and u._s. Mortgage debt reached a record in the second quarter eclipsing even the two thousand eight peak. That's according to new data released by the federal reserve so why while well there are a couple of things the first is that low housing supply has pushed house prices up they've hit a new nominal meaning not inflation adjusted peak in two thousand sixteen and have continued rising rising another factor homeowners tapping into their home equity when they refinance and this time around americans seem to be able to handle this debt burden. The fed found that ninety eighty five point six percent of balances were current. That's the highest level of the current expansion and boeing delivered fewer planes in july than in any month and for the past decade the company said it delivered nineteen planes last month we write that it furthers the financial blow to boeing that's been brought about by the grounding of of the seven thirty seven max do now our main story this morning c._b._s. Bs and viacom have agreed to the terms of merger if completed the deal would create a company valued at roughly thirty billion dollars to find out more charlie turner. There has been speaking to ben mullen c._b._s. And viacom have reunited in a merger after sumner redstone had split up the two media giants in two thousand six. This still still seems to be all about size in a bid to compete with companies like disney a._t. And t. netflix companies that have struck their own deals over the years and also it's a bid to compete with streaming tv. Absolutely it seems like the companies have <hes> enough intellectual property. They can hold their own in the coming years. The question is do they need to do even more deals to compete with the likes of netflixing lakes in disney and i think if you talked to a lot of people around the deal they'll tell you. This isn't the end they're looking to do more. This is just the beginning what are terms of the deal is c._b._s. Buying viacom what's the dollar value here in cases like this. Both companies are both sellers and buyers because they're exchanging stock for those financial news out there. The stock exchange ratio is point five nine six two five which means at viacom.

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