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Fda has authorized moderna coronavirus vaccine that comes after the independent vaccines and related biological products. Advisory committee voted twenty. Two nothing with one abstention to recommend the fda did so dr steven paragon a committee member and infectious disease and vaccine expert at the fred hutchinson. Cancer research center said quote. There's no doubt in my mind. It looks like the benefits outweigh the risks. From what i've seen on quote the pfizer vaccine continues to ship but states are increasingly complaining of fewer doses than expected. Michigan governor gretchen whitmer and colorado governor jared. Police were disappointed on friday. I still cannot get straight answer out of the trump administration about why michigan like many other states is receiving a fraction of the vaccines that we were slated to receive. There are millions of pfizer. Vaccines many right here. In portage michigan that are waiting to be shipped and there is either corruption or an aptitude at is keeping us from saving lives and protecting people. Bad news is the numbers for that we're going to get from visor are lower next week. Not just for us for every state the what we had been told before and i do call upon the federal government. I saw visors for nouncement that they had doses waited in the warehouse and they just needed to be told where to send them We say send them to colorado but we encourage the federal government to get those distributed out. They're not doing any good in a fight. Your warehouse vice president. Mike pence and second lady karen pants received the pfizer vaccine publicly on friday the echoed earlier remarks calling it a miracle under operation warp speed. We are poised to have vaccine for twenty million americans before the end of december it is truly a medical miracle. Meanwhile a dark winter for covid related deaths and the economy continues the. Us has regularly seeing three thousand deaths due to the virus a day and amid new shutdown orders to try and curb the spread. The restaurant business in particular faces a problem with cold weather and indoor dining restrictions restaurants sales were about sixty five billion dollars in the months before the pandemic but they plummeted to thirty billion in april sales did rebound to fifty five point seven billion dollars in september but have been declining ever since lawmakers avoided a government shutdown on friday by passing another short term funding bill to buy a few more days house. Democrats passed legislation friday afternoon to fund the government for two more days by three twenty two sixty vote sending the bill to the senate which then passed it unanimously. A deal has still not been reached for a new covid. Nineteen relief bill. Lawmakers hope to attach any long-term government funding to a relief bill likely marking the final major congressional bill.

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