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Makes getting haircuts effortless. It's not just any haircut. It's super cut. Check in now on the supercuts app or on supercuts dot com. It's so easy for you, Andrew, because you don't actually have to get your hair cut. You just clip off that LEGO man here you have and put on a different style. I don't go. I remove it. I go to supercuts. I drop it off. I go run my errands. They say come back in ten minutes. Well, we'll fix it up for you. I come back and then they replace it back on my head. It's amazing. Yeah. Couldn't be easier. All right, so we went through the favorites JJ. Let's go for some of the teams that we think actually, maybe are flying under the radar that have a good chance of maybe kind of upending some of these favorites. The dark horses. Now, I've got I've got two here. How do you want to do this? You want to go back and forth, let me just let me just start with a team because I feel weird calling them dark horses when they've been, you know, they've been champions within world champions within the last 12 years. It sounds odd to say that Spain are that. But we did reference them before. And I just think there's a nice, there's a nice marinade happening here. There's something coming together, a mix. You've got elder statesmen like Bush gets married with the youth of gavi and pedri. That span were just like you referenced earlier on so much more watchable. At last summer's European Championships. I mean, Spain versus Croatia probably was the game of the tournament. At the park and stadium in Copenhagen. So they were just a far cry from the dull, stultifying team that passed itself away against Russia in the 2018 World Cup. I mean, that was in ept to performance. You can have in soccer, dominating the ball. I mean, what was it like 1200 passes or something ridiculous across a 120 minutes, and they did nothing. Nothing. This is a different team under Lewis Enrique, and I do feel the optimism coming from the Iberian Peninsula for Spain. So I'd watch out for them, Andrew. Again, Spain, such a dominant force in word football, but with its domestic club competition and its international team for since 2008, really. Yeah. Weird to call them a dark horse, but that's my only thing. I feel like you've cheated a little bit. How? Well, there are fourth in the Caesars betting odds at plus 7 50. So they're kind of like, they're kind of there with England. All right, well, let me do it another way then, before we go to you, I'll just throw you another option. The Dutch, the Netherlands. Like this is a team that we can surely put in the bracket of dark horse considering how hard it's been for them to qualify for anything. In the past few years, although they were at the European Championships last summer, world cups have eluded them. Since 2014. So let's blend what you're saying with what I'm saying. Because JJ, I believe that the first match of this entire tournament for me, I'm calling it the dark horse cup of Senegal versus the Netherlands. And we'll stay with the Dutch for a second as one of those two, but they're going to play each other 5 a.m. Eastern Time on November 21st. It'll kick off the entire tournament. So you're right, the Dutch, the last time we saw them, they were finishing at least in a World Cup. They were finishing third at the 2014 World Cup. They then failed to qualify for the €2016, and then they validated that disappointment with a failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. But they returned to major tournament play last summer at the Euros, made it to the round of 16 where they were hugely disappointed to have gone out to the checks after a bad select red card. And that opened the floodgates to a two zero defeat. It was nil nil when that red card happened in the 55th. And they were the whole game. They weren't playing good anyway. It was not the game where it changed the game though. When album barely, did he get on? I don't think he completed one pass, I think, in 90 minutes or something. It was crazy. But now, that next generation, they kind of have that experience in their back pocket of being in a major tournament getting out of the group. And I think they can, they can really start to think about taking steps forward here. You know, it's funny because what is the thing that we always associate with Dutch football. It's historically what free flowing, it's beautiful. It's fun to watch with lots of attack. And this group could be that too. But when I'm looking at them, JJ, I just can't my eyes just go right to the back of it looks like they're going to play it back three. Nathan aka Matthias delect and Virgil Van Dyke as your back three. That's that's a force. And then in midfield it'll be interesting to see what happens with Frankie de young this summer. It sounds like it could be headed from Barcelona to Manchester United. Where he could reunite with Eric ten hogg his former manager at iax and what will that mean for his continuing development? And that this depay up front has traditionally been a force for them. So yeah, I think this, I think the Dutch and when I say dark horse, it's not that I believe they're going to go on and win this thing. But I think there could be a little bit of like exiting this tournament feeling generally good about what we got from. Maybe a quarterfinal run, something like that. I think that could happen. And I think also he's been through a tough time in his own personal health, but Louis van gaal seems happy. He seems relaxed. He was making jokes about that win the other day where he left Wout vague horsed on the field and he got a last minute winner against Wales. His third goal in 20 games for a good old vote. But the point being that he just, I don't know if you can bottle the spirit of 2014 when they were so enjoyable to watch. And had a good tournament. Maybe Van Halen can.

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