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Lots of outreach to educate operators. But if that's the case, then why are there so many workers still waiting for their back wages? The house will be in order. I know what democratic congresswoman Rosa delauro of Connecticut, she's the new chair of the house subcommittee that oversees Labor's budget. She's a passionate speaker and in a sea of blue and gray suits. She stands out, she's wearing colors like the plumage of a tropical bird, bright, orange, scarf lime green shirt, and purple hair. So we have this vulnerable population DOL has stepped back and allowed this to happen. So then who's going to protect these vulnerable people. It falls to the congress since there's been abdication at the agency level that the congress takes us on. The Laura says she's been trying in twenty seventeen. She sponsored a Bill to fight wage theft. It died in committee, the day, I met her. She had just introduced a new budget provisions that would let DO L higher five hundred additional inspire. Actors but the agency has to be willing to go after employers. I believe in compliance, we want to get people to comply, but they are unwilling to deal with severe enforcement and strict enforcement of the law and apply. The penalties that would deter these people from that kind of behavior. The local level. Some prosecutors are acting on their own. California is one of a few states, where prosecutors are filing criminal charges against care homeowners. And that brings us back to romell Publico. About a year after the rate is care home, Sonia. Still working there. She starts noticing that something's off Ramal and his wife, they're showing up every day. She's painting SIS fixing all the things I wanted to fix the get home when Sonya asks what's going on? They just shrug her off. They admit the patient. I said, oh, really? And then one day another man shows up at the door. Oh, they do that,.

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