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It's fun being with these guys. This team I think that's the biggest thing is the team that we have here is it's special. And you know, you just want to be the best you can be. Each and every day and you want to compete. So it's a huge honor, Huge honor, Brewers and Mets tonight in New York as they continue the road trip, Brandon Woodruff on the mound. He is seven and three bucks basketball. They have arrived in Phoenix. They'll go through some media obligations and just get set for Tuesday's opener of the NBA Finals. The sons by the way. Have been installed as slight favorites in the series NASCAR running at Elkhart Lake this weekend the Cup series on Sunday Chase Elliott picks up the win. It was the first Cup series race at Road America since 1956 and in the Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. An annual tradition. On the Fourth of July, Joey Chestnut won for the 14th time he put down 76 hot dogs and buns in just 10. Minutes. Matt Polly WTMJ Sports. I think map must be hungry this morning. He's got that hot doctor, and he sure sounded disappointed that there are going to be any free burgers at George Webb this year. All right, It's early Stop this week. It's 8 49 coming up. Oh, those ESPN commentators They said Milwaukee's A terrible city. Well, there's a local company that says Wait a minute, You're going to call us a terrible city. We're going to own it. It's all ahead on Wisconsin Morning News. It's an East Coast.

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