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Or whenever they join. They lose arkansas. And then alabama's up am all mess cetera etcetera. And you think you know ten years down. The line recruiting takes over as far players wanting to live and play in austin and represent the long horn tech. Staying up. wait i do. I don't think this is cataclysmic to the texas program We're we're talking about a coach. That's two games in and while it was a bad loss and while everyone's asking the question d- do you think they know what they're getting into. Of course they know what they're getting into. And it just happened that they lost to arkansas versus alabama next year. Which is on the schedule. I think steve sarkissian is a really good coach. Who's who can only do so much In the transition. And i believe he is going to recruit the type of athlete that they need I certainly hope so i. Thanks for the call appreciate it. Let's talk to shannon. Who is up next. A hello shannon. Hello paul week. The football wasn't it was fantastic. Thank you all have a simple question for you. Maybe can help me out. Why is it that the best quarterback for the florida gators is always the one coming off the bench. Well i think the thing sometimes. It is not accurate. I think in this case The richardson mania started a few weeks ago. And it just simply has been building to a crescendo. And emory jones has not lived up to the billing that We all told that that he would he would. He would adhere to so. I think there are some there. Are some pretty serious question marks. So so this is my question fall because you say something earlier about imrie. Jones lacking confidence that he's lacking in confidence and i would argue that police say france is lacking in that same area. And i'm just curious. If mullah's the quarterback whisper that the sports is proclaiming the be. How come as best quarterback something one. That's on the field. And how come starting quarterbacks always for confidence. I don't know Because as our fourteen year old told us a minute ago you know he he he. he was slow to understanding. kyle trask. a. I mentioned an old story the about that and Should've mentioned that. The kyle trask. Frank story as well because what would have happened. If we pay franken been hurt. I stand on it. That is david. If lupe franks would not have been hurt. It kentucky cal. Trask without seeing the field. And and and my question is are we really evaluating our talent and putting the best kid on the field. I mean it's you know and then molin tries to play it off when when he was asked about it by cole cubelic you know you know what he's talking about and tried to be recalling and everything but the obvious thing here is the best the best kid not on the field and i can't believe that's only again the games anthony here I didn't hear that answer. But i thought the answer he gave today. left something to be desired in terms of em. You try to compare it to a neurosurgeon over chance hospital. I mean come on. I mean. Dan mullen has been down this road a couple of times already not not too far on the not that far in the past so i thought it was kind of a a snarky answer but ultimately I think we're going to see a lot of richardson on saturday Thanks for the call. We have a star running back from the university of kentucky in thirty minutes. We've already talked to shane. Beamer we talked to bobby bones about the arkansas win. A lot of conversation here including greg.

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