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This time during the voting process, and I notice you're focused on the limited series category. What ended up being nominated there? And why do you think that's an area to watch? Well, there was just so much competition. I mean, we're at a time where projects that might normally have been sort of mid level movies are instead becoming these limited series with big stars like Kate Winslet's Mirror of East Town on HBO, which did get nominated, But a lot of great projects couldn't get nominated because of that competition in limited series, so director Steve McQueen's wonderful small acts on Amazon Prime video didn't get nominated. Uh, Nicole Kidman's the undoing, didn't get nominated, and Kidman herself also wasn't nominated as best actress in a limited series for the undoing. So that was a pretty big snob. I was glad to see the HBO searing drama about this woman who was sexually assaulted. Call. I may destroy You was nominated in that category, along with the Creator and star Mikayla Cole. She was criminally overlooked earlier this year by the Golden Gloves, so at least Emmy was able to rectify that. Want to dig into Disney a little bit more because between the Star Wars shows and one division and you know the extensions of the Marvel universe. It got a lot of Emmy nom. So what does that signal to you? Geek power. Okay, I'm a comics there, and I'm gonna admit it, And but I was glad to see a change in this dynamic. Where, um, you know, superhero shows are horror shows get overlooked. Marvel got his first major Emmy nominations with one division, HBO's horror series. Lovecraft Country and Amazon superheroes satire. The boys got major nominations and for comic book fans like me, It's just a little bit of validation to see that the genres that we love are getting a little more respect. Any surprise picks? Well, I was I was glad to see that post R N. J. Rodriguez made history as the first openly transgender performer who was nominated in a major acting category. Nominated for best lead actress in a drama. And we had a lot of great high quality shows featuring non white cast do well like Lovecraft, Country and Hamilton on distant plus and the underground railroad. I just hope we'll see more non white nominees who are not black, but we need more Latinos and more Asians and more non white people who are not black movie nominated, but they did a good job with diversity as well this year..

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