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Mitchell yourself financing a lot of iran you take supporters money too but it says money from a packers victory mitchell's no we we have no packs in the we've run a very positive campaign but you know as you probably know we got attack this past week by george bush's cousin who's my opponent making up a bunch of lies so i'm not a potted plant i mean i'm not going to sit here and take it we are going to draw contrast but i i would very much rather just talk about issues and and how we can fix some of the great problems and challenges facing our state let's play this sad about george bush is cousin brooks who do we have running for governor in colorado i believe we've tapped walker stapleton for that race winston isn't he a bush indeed he is and with all his years in the bush family business he's quite properly raking in the loop from our insider friends go vote for bush insider in colorado vic mitchell is the outsider conservative businessman running for governor vote victor mitchell for governor now victim matchel is that fair that is so fair and it's fun you know don't forget my first ad that iran i i said that i've been giving a speech is too large and adoring audiences across the state and of course the only audience was my two dogs are two golden retrievers so you know we can't take ourselves too seriously but everything in there is completely factual i mean he is literally he's got every insider advantage he's got all the insider party establishment people backing him he's taking in millions and.

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