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Is growing evidence that Koven 19 spreads most easily indoors in poorly ventilated spaces. All right, updating the story. Ah Boston Man wanted for punching a young woman outside Dana Farber in Boston is under arrest. Bpd on their website. This morning's his officers arrested Tyler Baker on an outstanding warrant for assault and battery. His picture was captured on surveillance video. The 19 year old victim had just dropped her mom off a Dana Farber on October 5th when she was hit on the head and injured. Police say the attack was unprovoked. No motive is known and hibernation isn't just for bears this winter. It also includes local restaurants. That's next Right now. Traffic and weather together We say good morning, Tio. Kevin Brennan with the super retailers of New England. All we'll drive traffic on the threes. Hi there, Kevin. Good morning. Their Loria will start it off south of town here. The expressway North bound. Still got a little company will call it reduce speed. Savin hill up through Colombia roads getting better all the time. Once you clear Columbia Road, you're looking good up to the tunnel. No trouble south bound down to the brain tree split Route three North bound. He gets a minor residual delays coming up through Derby Street here and hang him. We just cleared a crash. Not too long ago that volume working its way up towards route 18 and Union Street for 95, North bound. You got slowdowns approaching workers after exit three route 28 down in that middle borough stretch and a little heads up down in fall River 1 95 eastbound. Watch out for left laying drainage work here on the Braga Bridge downtown over all, not a bad ride along the river roads and airport tunnels. Got a little bit of company on that lever down ramp getting down towards Storrow Drive out to the West route to east bound over a mile back up. Coaching left lane Road work just before Jackson Road here in Lancaster, And then he got slowdowns in al Wife, Brook Parkway Here in Cambridge, Up on 4 95 South bound couple brake lights getting by left lane cruise after 1 33 and took Sperry and then some residual delays before Route 1 19 up in Littleton from an earlier crash. Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on the three Alright, Talk to you in 10 minutes. And what a nice morning boy. After that rain, we needed the rain. But today lots of sunshine high near 70. Very nice afternoon so pleasant tonight is well clear. Seasonably chilly Loner 50 in Boston, mid forties inland and then tomorrow another Nice day. Mostly sunny, unseasonably mild mid seventies Friday, turning out cloudy with showers, perhaps a thunderstorm Friday afternoon and then we have a chili soaking rain Friday night into Saturday, especially for Boston and the coast. We'll be watching that weekend whether for you saw some murmurings of maybe some snow in northern New England will see And for the first time since April, there is not a single state that seeing a decline in covert cases. In fact, 36 states are showing arise. Connecticut now seeing it's highest level of infection since June, officials in Michigan now warning the state, maybe seeing a second wave and hospitals in Oklahoma on the brink. Doctors say every ice cube in Oklahoma City is taken. The state's mask mandate has been extended through December while in Wisconsin were saying I was no longer college and university spread a CZ really the focus, It's clearly community spread more than 3000.

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