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And then if this Pokémon stadium has functionality to import from Pokémon home, you could put them back that's crazy. Pokémon car seat stadium, sorry. People are saying that there's no transfers, which sounds actually right because how would they do that? They'd have to build a whole new system and linking thing and they were just probably not going to do that for Nintendo Switch online. But whatever you still have the mini games in Pokémon stadium. Then the two most important games, ten 80 snowboarding and excite like 64, two of my favorites for that system. So it seems like it's coming in this order too. I mean, hopefully they mix it up. Maybe this is just me and miss Marie, but like the way they have it listed was like, these games in 2022 and then these games are 2023 and they sort of had them placed in order so it's like we're going to get Mario party Mario party two and Mario party three back to back to back. That might be a little much. Can we get something else to add to the flavor between there? But we'll see. The biggest surprise of the day for me was Miyamoto coming out and saying he wanted to talk about pikmin and be like, hey Miyamoto, I always want to talk about pikmin two. Let's do it. And then he talked about pikmin bloom for a couple of minutes and said that game still exists. You should play it. And then he confirmed that pikmin four is still real and is in fact coming in 2023. Are you excited about this? 'cause I'm excited. What a roller coaster of emotions. I felt during that because immediately was like, oh shit, pikmin and oh, it's a stupid mobile game. I don't care. My morale is at an all time low and then he yes ended it and it's like guess what pikmin four is happening and I couldn't believe it. It was awesome. They didn't show much of the game, but they did show a screenshot basically. I love to pikmin three deluxe. It was definitely the best one of those games yet. So the idea that they could build on that and do even more and I don't know, something about the way that what they have shown like that screenshot of the bench that the player was underneath. It's like, oh, we're always kind of like in the Woods among litter. Like going into like an actual park, maybe that could change things. Like being like the little guy and a big park, that maybe there's more cool implications for human trash. What if it's an open world, it's huge. I mean, I think it could work. I think it can work. It's crazy. Because I love the first pikmin game and I have the second game and the third one never played it. What is wrong with it? I think you will adore pikmin three deluxe and pikmin two is great too, but pikmin three deluxe is just so solid. They streamlined it so nicely. Never played any of them. Looking forward to it. Really? Yeah. Good games. Didn't have a good old GameCube, you know? Oh. Well, eventually. The technology is here to rectify that. Yes. I'm going to do it. Every computer can support those on steam. Exactly. Just shove it into the USB slot. You just gotta be able to borrow one of Tam's game cubes. Oh, that's right. He's got like 11. Yeah. Let's see, Mario kart 8 deluxe wave three. They only confirm two of the courses so far, I believe, peach gardens and Mary mountain. But I saw those like Christmassy elements in Mary mountain and it got me ready. I'm ready for the holidays. I'm ready to go race on that track. It looks like a lot of fun. Too soon. I'm ready. I want to do my Halloween stuff first. I am ready for the time to track. They could still maybe have. I feel like one of their tracks they put out was kind of spooky maybe, maybe not. But spookier. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what's left to release of spooky tracks 'cause I'm not familiar with all the tracks from all the different games. So come on. There's a lot. That's a lot. This pack still has two more tracks to be revealed and so we're going to probably maybe that will come true. But also, it seems like this wave might come a little bit later. So maybe it'll be after Halloween when it actually releases because I don't think they said a release date or anything like that. Yeah, because that last wave came out pretty recently, I think, right? Like maybe less than a month ago? A month ago, yeah. That sounds right. So we're probably still like two or three months away. Well, two ish months away. And that would put us kind of up close and maybe past October. Yes, and then speaking of Halloween, bayonetta coming out October 28th. It is coming out October 28th and they showed up. I remember the date when I typed it in the dark. It's good for me. That game looks great. I can't wait, I can't wait to play a band out of two is a classic. I love it. I hope that bayonetta three lives up to it. We've known this as coming. It's just nice to get a reminder that, hey, this is still one of their big holiday releases. So what are the thoughts after seeing the latest from bayonetta? I just wanted to come out because I feel like it's one of those games that they've been teasing. They've been talking about. We've seen trailers or like 12 years now. I'm very happy. How long has it actually been? How long has it actually been?

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