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They're they're going to do this. Huge protest not huge. But they're going to do this. Very visible protests and stop playing soccer. And they're going to do it over. You know a billionaire being called names. But they don't do it when there's like you know racist things being said from the from the stands and bananas being thrown on the field or Zena fo not just racism xenophobia. And all this other stuff. That's you know. There's these undercurrents in Europe. That are big talking points right now and players never really get you know. They never stopped the game and pass for that. Actually it just feels a little weird like I. I understand where they're coming from and I understand the point. They're trying to make. It just feels a little weird a little awkward. Yeah no it's it's a very appoint It's a really good point. I think there's no reason if they're gonNA and you know kind of backtrack from what I said earlier. I mean it doesn't make a ton of sense if they're going to do that now for this kind of stuff when you have the whole racism thing continuing to play the game throughout the world. I think it's a very good point. it weird is a good word. it also is is kind of interesting when it when the when the hate and the and the stuff is directed at someone with a big. Big Wallet. Now now schick. It's done it's interesting. Yeah real fucking on that one. Yeah that's just the real world you know. Somebody says something about you. Know Joe Schmo is not a big deal you say about you know the billionaire. That's putting millions in your pocket. Yeah that's a good point in you then you speak up so it's a little awkward and actually when you get down to the base level of it. It's a huge difference between Germany and say England where England it's like players or the fans just want the owners spend more money out of you know like. Us is the same way. We're just we're just like we have capitalism in our DNA and we want them to spend spend spend spend so we can enjoy winds winds winds whereas in in Germany. There's this collectivism you know this. Ethos of of you know. I don't WanNa say socialism recap municipal. Because I don't really we don't need to get into politics and I don't really understand him but like basically you know there's this they want everybody to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. When I mean let's be honest. It's that's just not how it we're not reality at. They want you to plant a seed and watches huge. Humongous tree is just not taught practical. Isn't that works. So interesting interesting goings on now. I'm sure there's probably going to be more protests and we'll talk about it again but we'll move on to the last hot topic which is another strange one. It's in the arid club was eighty. Oh Den Haag. Who who you. Actually you know this club rights when you're when you're ex team one of my former teammates and a lot of you fire fan listeners. Out there will know. John Goossens one of the nastiest left. What's to ever grace? Yeah Beautiful Beautiful Bridgeview so. He's back with Dennis. Apparently so we should get him on the podcast and get his thoughts a has but basically so this team is in the relegation zone in the air. Division Air Dizzy and frustrated fans into their practice facility while practice was going on and essentially held like a tactic session with the club and with the coach. And the coach's name you guys probably know his name is Alan Pardew. So you probably know him. He's a interesting fellow. I guess probably tack. Accession was what he needed. He seems to be lacking in that in that category sometimes But it just. It was the strangest story that like this group of fans were allowed to basically you know bully their way into the practice facility and allowed to set up shop. They brought like a whiteboard and did a whole tactic session with the whole team. That team was standing there watching. The coach was watching. It's just crazy that this can like this stuff happened. The first thing that thought I thought that came to my mind was like until we have like some Orlando fans or like some rapids fans breaking into practice and like doing this and bringing a white board and like telling the coach like this is what we need. We need this. Change the formation three five to Blah Blah Blah until like the Orlando or rapids just or FC. Cincinnati show to Spencer Ritchie. Hopefully he's not listening because I'm actually thrown one of the bus air but like until that happens here in the US. Then maybe maybe soccer hasn't arrived. You know maybe it's not officially here yet. Yeah I don't different level dude. Haven't been over there. You've been over there. I mean for the for the novice listener of the Novice Footballer. Man It's we can't comprehend how much people care over there and our livelihoods and all that and yeah. I mean whenever whenever we get to that point man soccer will really have frigging made it here because that is like some of the craziest should have ever heard so I mean I would love to just sit there and watch it all unfold ads just crazy some still photos from which was funny enough but yeah. I would've loved it. Just sort of be a fly on the wall experienced that sort of thing. So that's that's just soccer in Europe for you. Hopefully we'll have the same sort of lawbreaking and you know. Tactic session disciplined ultras soon enough. Probably but now we will throw it to the interview that we've got coming up with the voice of the EP L. Soft buttery voice of our low white so sit back relax and enjoy actually just kidding so we were We're supposed to have our La- white on the program this week. Unfortunately you know through some various mis mis communications. We just did not connect so all the talk about Arlo white and the beautiful voice of the Premier League. We will get him on the program again soon will not again but We'll get him on program soon unfortunately just could not connect so we will hit back to the The weekend preview for the week and Sorry for the false advertising is we will get him on. Don't worry all right. We are back are low. White's voice is so smooth. I don't know how Chicago managed to well basically Chicago. Just got lucky that he's like Chicago Guy at heart so he wants to come here and do the Games hopefully hopefully bring some ws with him. Sweet I remember actually when I was a rookie out in Seattle. He was calm games and yeah he's a big bang relentlessly on us but like the only good thing about that is that I could every time. They scored I can hear. Furlough. White's voice just gently rub it in and throw it in and you know. I don't know he got sick voice. Did I remember even before he went to like man? This guy's GonNa go this guy's GonNa go big date. It was just like centurylink was just straight up in trance. That was just so soft. And it's GONNA be awesome. It's going to be huge We will start in England speaking of arlos home in the EP L. So there's actually huge game coming up this weekend. The Manchester Darby United Hosting City. This this week. This should be an interesting very interesting game for many reasons. Obviously just the the Darby in the rivalry is is one element but then you got cities you know potential Champions League band and all that stuff then you got united seemingly rounding into form a little bit you know. I don't know if you'd agree with me on that but like they've been playing granted they're coming from a from a low place If you call it rock bottom but close enough they. They've been playing a lot better lately and now they got city at home in a game that they need way more than city. Does you know we can basically just say cities season is riding on Champions League at this point doesn't even matter if they finished up four because they're not going to be playing champions anyway. So I'll I'll let you take the first crack at this. If you want it you think. Do you think united can hang with city in this I I agree with everything. Said Makes Perfect sense. I think Man United coming around. I think it's huge game Wolves and Tottenham right there behind him. I completely we'll be there for him. I WanNa say that said last week I apologize just not happening but having knowing knowing I agree it their champion's league is Man City's main goal and they're not going anywhere Liverpool's pretty much Signed sealed delivered but this pep has once beaded and kill and especially that game. I think he knows how much it means to the city as in the city of Manchester. I think that you know. I think this is not a game. That man's he's GonNa take off. I'm not saying you said that but I just think that there's a ton of a ton of talent Man City it's Darby game. They also know what they can do to man united with a win It's at United I would i. Would I would still in city. It's just until like I said last week until I see kids consistently proved me wrong. Well that's not gonNA happen this season they will. They will never have that sort of consistency but I am going to lean hard towards a draw in this one. I don't know if united can pull it off. They've had a bit of a track record of playing good in good Games. You know. Basically raising their level Against good opponents so you know this is a game that they need a lot more than city. They are not looking over their shoulder at. You know not over the shoulder where they're not looking forward to the Games. That city has coming up arsenal have arsenal next week in the mid week. Then they've got you know whatever Burnley and then we've got man city earn Real Madrid in Champions League so which obviously. That's the huge one for them. I think I think that and and they just played Nfl Cup talking about city so they played they played a pretty strong squad and FA Cup. Sheffield no I think they beach they somebody one zero was it Sheffield. Yes Sheffield Wednesday. Yes Wednesday how was our house in Sheffield? That doesn't sound right okay ones. As that does sound right. So they've they've they're a little bit. You know probably tired They got big games coming up. I'm GonNa Lean drawn that one. I'M GONNA go one one. Plus they have the Carol Carol Cup final on Sunday. We usually talk about that. I'm just saying Man City to your point. Antsy played Sunday. They played today and the United. So yeah we'll see And the the other game will mention quickly in in the EP L. is Chelsea hosting Everton which is a very good game a two teams that have champions league aspirations. Some people probably Everton fans might actually argue that. I shouldn't put that sort of I shouldn't put that evil on them right now. Even though I mean they're right there that arguing what the results have not been nearly as good for Everton as the performances lately which is which is unfortunate. You know they're still stuck in eleventh at this point on thirty seven points. Which is you know one win in their in seven. I think it's only three points. The the grouping from five to eleven is obviously very very. They're clustered but you know so we're coming off. A Games. Were Everton lost to arsenal in a game. They could have done better. They could've drawn. They could have won that game. It was it was a game that could have gone either way. Arsenal did look pretty good. They then drew with the united in a game. They absolutely proudly should have one. Can we should probably discuss that right now. So what did you think about that? Vr Call? Did you see the the guilty cigarettes in in in stoppage ow? I saw the first half. I saw the amazing pass from the Heya Goldman. What Sick Ball? Just oh boy the double pack off of his foot strain goodness man. We could get in a day for the next. He's he was so good couple years ago and he's just like I don't know if it was because he got paid too much or you know he just sort of wanted to go to leave. Manchester United didn't happen but So at the end of the Manchester United Everton Game. It was tied one one went into extra time and extra time stoppage-time and there was a deflected shot from Calvert Lewin. It was you know it was headed. Far Post. David.

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