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WGN the person on the planet Dave John Michael is a veteran creators Michael's desserts it is a light dessert raise your hand if you don't like desert hands in the air for the past love dessert time and says the reason I became a Baker is because I have an epic sweet tooth I've been passionate about inequality since I was a little kid and season four of the baking championships is on Michael runs a one for one company every dessert sold by the desert for someone else to meet in that cool very cool a treat for people that don't get traits my friend to mention one thing yeah what's that Michael's thirteen what Michael plant the most valuable person on the planet good morning Michael I this is an amazing story how do you do this to thirteen years old some home schooled thoroughly worry about all that much to do it I'm not the school I'm not those bond they gave out sometimes I have a lot of orders going and fine hi I'm Anna how do you know which you know what I mean where where do you take the desserts to make sure that folks that don't get treats get them in order to magic bound soldiers they also go like homeless shelters like last week with a homeless shelter if we don't you go around the scene and we do have people that are homeless people are this is Tom shoes every pair toms shoes you buy they contribute a pair as well I mean second thing for dessert so what type of desserts we talking about time.

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