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Walgreen, CVS BED Bath and Rite Aid Knave Ege N A V A G E Another detail about the rescue work being done at the South Florida building collapse from Maggie Castro of Miami Dade Fire rescue. It is a very tedious process. We use our dogs they can get into spaces that we cannot. They're much lighter there faster and they can detect Even the slightest movement was making it harder or storms. The rain makes the debris heavier and their spot fires to be put out A B C. Stephanie Ramos in Surfside, Florida, Rachel Spiegel's parents live in the building. Her father was away on business. And though there is still no word from her mother, they are not giving up hope they will find her. It's hard, but we are still hopeful search and rescue expert encouraging people to stay hopeful, saying survivors can live in the debris for days. The delta Covid variant infection rate continues to climb in areas the U. S with low vaccination rates like Missouri, where cases are rising with the highest number of covid patients since the first week of March. President Trump's been speaking at a political rally at Ohio's Lorraine County Fairgrounds in support of Max Miller, a former White House aide who is challenging Republican congressman Anthony Gonzales. Gonzalez was one of 10 Republican House members who voted to impeach Mr Trump. According to Mr Trump Tonight, Gonzalez asked for rides. Could I go to Ohio on Air Force one? I put them on the plate about her back. And the next thing I heard his name next time he was impeaching me. This is ABC News. Homo traffic.

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