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Sometimes there's episodes or I'm like, not as good, but overall, I'm a fan. Sweet definitely, definitely be watching so many, so many voice actors to everybody's in that. So, yeah, big meth, two thumbs up from me. Nice. What about you guys? What have you watched? Well, I think we can both probably about the same thing but plowed through. Soul are you? Are you caught up? Yeah, I'll cut up. Wow. Yeah, really so good now. Yeah, God, what can you? What can you say? Other than just. Like the writing is out of this world. Again, this season and he's characters now that we didn't think. Dan because he's never seen breaking bit. And you've got this character was share character that I care about so much now. Yeah. And then they're these web of characters that flow out from him. Kim Wexler interest is she is dynamite. Amazing. Yeah, amazing and Razi horn, unreal, that's half. Yeah. And Mike Erma trout, my good God, Lord, what he goes through in season four arc in season four is. Is nothing short of devastating? Yeah, one of the greatest the television characters ever created, I think, yeah, he's talking fascinating. Can we can we say one thing that that bubble gum trick that he does. Good. The bubblegum again, tell you. Okay. And and I'm just because he has watched breaking bad bell. No, no, spoilers because it's cool seeing wicked because you're like, what's he doing doing? And that guy that he was doing it to quite like that actor lallo home men that what did you come in three episodes in and all of a sudden he's just like stealing enormous because it's so he doesn't thing that is so hard to pull off that friendly menace. Yeah. Oh, it's such a tricky thing. People do. So horror movies. Yeah, we're really engaging and friendly, but like I'm really, I'm might kill you right now. Yeah, but I'll kill. You is fucking awesome. Yeah. Where'd he come? I don't know, but it just continues because breaking bad was so good at to like every performance. Every character that showed up was fucking dynamite search. So so well thought out so well written and directed that. Like if you're halfway amazing actor which is all they got where. Amazing actors so that Joe, it shine so much when so distinct and better all the same thing like all in. We're getting these characters that we already liked the lot, but seen so much more of them and not like a, you know, dumb origin story way, like it's totally different. I don't know how they're pulling up and this again, I'm like, I'm watching this going like, is this breaking better? You fucking is it definitely, definitely season three. I had that feeling before four. I didn't have that feeling quite as much. I didn't quite have the same tension builds than that, that breaking bad was really great at. But then there are couple Pinal episode though, just like what motion roller coaster. There are so many things that are just and it looks gorgeous. It's beautiful show. They don't fuck around with anything. I listened to the podcast and they really don't leave a stone unturned. They love what they do. Yeah. Remind me to show you afterwards the there's a picture of the board from the last episode. Oh, what it looks like the q. cardboard and it's like. It's so far out just how detailed these mother fuckers are. They just nothing is left. Is it up by the people behind the scenes kind of thing? Yeah. So it's been scale again and to creators Gilgen and on. One thing. That's really cool. I think this is cool. Did you know that if you are the writer on a show, so your staff at ten and you happen to write a show, right an episode that introduces a character. You are an executive producer every show that character ever shows up on a gain really. So that's part of the reason why. I can't think this name Peter Gould is he's creative, better call Saul because he gets to do that. But anytime to introduce a character that comes back. Yeah, they get. They get your saying points on that or whatever that works very neat. Yeah. But what a show, what a treat really fortunate. I just don't know feel so fortunate watching it like what?.

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