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It's a massive. Massive park will just for people who haven't been to tanzania. I've only been to the the some of the other perks that we're talking about. If i go to and goran gore which is amazing place definitely go cool place feels like right out of either mutual of omaha wild kingdom or kratz creatures or whatever. Your generation version of africa looked like. Looks like this place but you're also gonna run into traffic in the park. There's lions there. There's going to be a dozen different vehicles all around the lions and so it is not a remote destination in the same way now and i think the reason one of the to go to those places. Because you're like you're going on safari in my life where it's my first one or bringing a multi generational tramp the density. There is unparalleled right. You're gonna see everything in short order. Probably maybe within a day. But you're also seeing a lot of landrovers too but here you will not so we didn't see under the only other people saw. Were actually park rangers during that time and they still have a ton of wildlife. I don't believe they have rhinos anymore. Those have been poached out Pretty significantly all of eastern africa. But you have this massive park to yourself and your they're mainly for the wildlife but it's incredible you in. I think because of that it does feel very wild. When you're just out in the bush pretty incredible and i did go on a walking safari in a lot of the been pulmonary forty walking. I can't even count anymore. And most of them are actually walking safaris. Their nature walks. I mean like they are but they're steering most people away from the big stuff. I'm going to walk up in petty hippo. You're saying they will keep you very far away from those which is which throught sometimes to hugh might do something stupid and you don't know if you're in that group so it's just obviously say fat but this particular walking safari was incredible. It was very wild. They didn't scare us away from things. We saw pride lions on our walk. I mean we didn't go right up to me. Sleep day your distance but a lot of times. You don't see that sort of stuff on walking safaris. We walked right to one of the river. Benton's first thing in the morning and as we approached the river bound. Obviously he's a very high and steep river end but there was probably two hundred. Hippos that just rushing out of the water and it was one of the more incredible things that i've seen in terms of just sheer numbers of wildlife. Sos pretty incredible when and you say obviously very high and steep the obviously there is the to walk up to a river where there things like crocodiles and hippos is. Ill advised and so you walked up to a place where you could see down into the river. Yes correct i. We weren't super high app. And then once we got to another band and we got a little bit closer and luckily it was very steep says the big fat heavy couldn't is agile as they are for their size. They could not run up at riverbank. Run like thirty five miles per hour or something like that when for short distances of all it is incredible and one guy told us that they're born mad. They're a little temperamental. I've had a few run into pippo. And one of my bosses actually almost got run over by hypocrites. That's furniture boston likes it. You like a good distance from hippo. Or when you're looking down on them. I just find them so fascinating and so fun to watch. I think they're telling jokes. As far as i can tell because they seem to be laughing from time to time i mean those are actually their incredible one thing about itami to besides the fact that i saw these massive group of hippos carrying out of the water. But they actually tom. He's actually known for super heard of things and one of them is the hippos there are different mudholes that if you search for a catastrophe one of the pictures you will find these mud holes when it super hot just packed full of hippos on top of and i saw one of them. And it's just like this big one pitch. I mean i'm terrible. You don't get too close but just piles and piles of it. Wasn't you encounter like jelly beans in a jar. There's no way possible. I mean there are hundreds of them and they also have super herds of buffalo sometimes thousands. I've heard but also super herds of la's elephants as well. Which is pretty incredible today. So what is a typical day. You say walking safaris more common than the landrover safari either. Not so much more comment i think. Just they're walking. Safaris are some of the best. I've ever been on because they don't shy away necessarily from actually seeing some of the big game which is a strategy of a lot of places i think. Although to be fair zambia. Zimbabwe do have incredible walking safari spending edge. Sign in. you're going to get more of a nature walk so i think that was one of the things that was so great about this. Particular spot saw a nature. Walk where i'm going to be looking more at birds and safe things in dengue and smoke or prince or something got okay. I'll talk about different plants and stuff that are important to the ecosystem and then you might see something far away but this is proper walking safari which is incredible If that's your thing some people it's the moving on like that up close and personal so obviously it's super safe from are incredible there. It may not be for the first timer and one question because there's a variety in terms of watkins. For as i understand i haven't been on a walking safari in terms of whether your guide is carrying a rifle or just maybe a stick. This is true. Although i think a lot of it actually has to do with the reserve. Or the parkway there are some places that you are not allowed like in botswana. You're not allowed to carry. At least things are changing their. But you don't have rifles. Were you when you're going. So i think a lot of that also has to do with the park and their rules as well to be on the side if you have paying guests obviously or any gusts you don't want to have a bad run with an elephant or something like that so my somewhat educated guests on that is that that may be particular to the rules of the park. That seems likely and qatabi. You do not have an armed guy. I believe we did. Oh yeah i do believe we remember the forty different walking tours. you've done. yeah no no. I i believe that we did. I think he had it. Yeah i think he had a rifle but he was not at all concerned. Actually i did ask him when we were going up toward tall the hippo bit probably we got charged by hit but before i was like he knows how to use that right and to rangers. This guy's the best shot in tanzania with alright. He's my guy he's with. Yeah you get a rifle. He wasn't in any hurry. Well sometimes the biggest danger sadly for the rangers in tanzania or any of these parks are poachers more than the animals..

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