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Team usa at subaru dot com slash rally like which here catch all the back episodes of the down and dirty radio show on apple podcast and be sure to rate review and subscribe welcome back to your favorite action motor sports radio show also known as the down and dirty radio show powered by palermo razor this hour being brought to you by our good friends at continental tire sponsoring these amazing mc interviews we got colin braun jordan taylor and ringer vendors on coming up in our number two right now though this is normally where we have our joe duncan segment brought to you by our good friends at optima starters but right now we are going to roll into dirt fisher alley report because we've got a ton of rally content talk about this week not only rally content well we've got rally and rallycross so we're gonna be talking about that brought to you by good friends at dirt fish rally school music on code j b dirt fishing will get you fifteen percent off all classes at fish rally school so you know if you decide to go up there you get a discount on me i know i'll be up there few times this year looking forward to always looking forward to it but yeah that is that is i guess our intro dir fisher port and had a big rally we we go and cycles on rally on the show where we talk a lot of it then we don't talk about it for while but i gotta tell you this one.

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