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What what we've now the final game with your why give you don't want to give anything away hi weren't going wanted you want to take it you are to take it to bring practice with years post late will just emptying it out belo logic here makes very little chance i'll i'll slow on law and play in the spraying gay yeah i did too i watched yeah and i i'm musgrove spin like about a uh let's say this is a fifth football seasons fourteen weeks there are four weeks between the end 18 so i'd say in the twenty weeks of this college football cheese let me ask you one question over the last twenty wiggs how many times have you call this program suggesting that to a tongue of our started quarterback whoa oh okay no but now you knew you tell us now on on january eleven that you knew in spring that he was the best quarterback but i just wonder why you never told us that call the bag you didn't know actually i did well if you watch wives belmont the whole season my i didn't see bama play this house hold on trying to always curriculum joe miller i was gathering tennessee jason jason you have been proven and its tasks and ball now i'm aware of that way are you guys he told the ball down the field paul oh well i wanna go you're not going to give anything away on the show get you know they're spies listening right.

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