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Ryan Gorman with more than lash and James Berland er on the board. The creative loafing does a best of the bay list every year. And the nominations around for best of the Bay 2020 First of all. This website is so hard to navigate. I know that's not gonna really help our cause here, but it's just a category for something and you are complaining about the website. It's really hard to navigate. If you want to go Category two category I'm doing like so much scrolling. We I guess were nominated for best afternoon radio show. So thank you to creative loafing or whoever nominated as I have no idea. I don't know how we Got this nomination. Don't make a lot of sense that maybe, and here's the thing we're really not. An afternoon show were an evening show like at six o'clock when we come on, Nobody says Hey, good afternoon. Right. It's sometimes true. I think it's just like daytime versus nighttime are the two like schools of thought, though, when it comes to radio is that maybe that radio person thinking that way, though, But I always assumed like I always think of us lumped in with all the like. Evening people and that then there's the morning show people. Right. Where were an evening show? But I guess look, we'll take it. I don't know. I don't even think there is an evening. Category is there? Hang on. I got to scroll the way back up to see No, I don't think so. I feel like overall one. Maybe. I.

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